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Poor horses :\

Day 90: Wolfgang Amadeus

Zagreb, Croatia – Vienna, Austria On the move again! Early morning train to Vienna, Austria. Arrived late in the afternoon and met two fellow Americans, Amelia and Taylor, with whom I shared the same room at Wombat Hostel. This hostel is by far the cleanest, […]

Fab twins!

Day 89: If This Hat Is Missing I Have Gone Hunting

Plitvice – Zagreb, Croatia I got to ride with Tibo, Adrien and William in their car to Zagreb. They were kind enough to drop me off there on their way back to France. This helped me out heaps since I didn’t even know where and […]

Here fishy fishy fishy

Day 88: Say “Ouistiti”!

Plitvice, Croatia Damnit! The forces were still at work! Sarah woke up feeling nauseous and she was a pale as a sheet. Poor thing She could not even eat without feeling worse. But the trooper in her insisted to still go to the Plitvice national […]

Heading towards the sun

Day 87: Cause for Alarm

Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina – Split, Croatia – Plitvice, Croatia Sooooo, some weird forces seemed to not want us to visit Plitvice. But against all odds, Sarah and I somehow made it there, but not without insane twists and turns. First at all, we couldn’t find any […]

View of Erzebert Hid (Elizabeth Bridge) from Gellert Hill

Day 77: Aly, Walk With Me

Zagreb, Croatia – Budapest, Hungary Mirta drove me to the Zagreb railway and by 10am, I was onboard the train heading to Budapest. One way ticket cost $45 and the trip took 6 hours. The ride was quite lame as there’s no air conditioning on […]

Jump Bagi Jump

Day 76: Dođi Bagi!

Zagreb, Croatia Mirta didn’t have to work today due to a Croatian national holiday. She, Bagi and I went to Lake Jarun and spent some relaxing and fun time there. Lake Jarun and the park surrounding it are where locals come to jog, rollerblade, bike, […]

Framed hallway

Day 75: The Medium Is The Message?

Zagreb, Croatia On her way to work, Mirta dropped me off Maksimir Park where I spent two hours walking around and relaxing on the bench under the shades writing my blog entries. Then it’s onto Mirogoj cemetery. Boy, is this place pretty. I guess it’s […]


Day 74: Vilo Moja

Zagreb, Croatia  Today was spent mostly walking around the center of Zagreb, visiting its Upper Town (Gornji Grad) and Lower Town (Donji Grad) area. I hit pretty much all the touristy spots. Some pictures to share: The highlight of the day was finding out about […]

Zagreb at Night

Day 73: Couchsurfing or Floorsurfing, Rather…

Vienna, Austria – Zagreb, Croatia Hurrah! Back on track! I’m honestly dead nervous traveling alone but I have my pride on the line! My Croat friend, Kris, is out of town and Elly (who was gonna join my trip for 3 weeks had to bail […]


Day 71: Five Miles into the Atmosphere

Zagreb, Croatia – Vienna, Austria – New York, USA Kris arrived at my hostel at 5 in the morning to send me off to the airport. It was so weird to finally meet him in person after all these years. He’s definitely no stranger because […]

Destination Zagreb

Day 70: Ferry, Train and Plane

Vela Luka – Split – Zagreb, Croatia 5:30 in the morning, I was on board the ferry in the rainy morning, heading to Split. By 8:50am, I was on a fast train towards Zagreb. So the gameplan was to head out to Zagreb and spent […]

Promenade in Vela Luka

Day 69: All Ablaze

Vela Luka, Croatia As planned, when the post office opened in the morning, I sent a package of my unused stuffs home. Since it’s Fourth of July, Storm and I had been talking about having a BBQ to celebrate. I went to purchase the food […]