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Day 74: Vilo Moja

Zagreb, Croatia

 Today was spent mostly walking around the center of Zagreb, visiting its Upper Town (Gornji Grad) and Lower Town (Donji Grad) area. I hit pretty much all the touristy spots. Some pictures to share:

The highlight of the day was finding out about this museum called Museum of Broken Relationships. It’s definitely one of a kind and worth visiting. Awarded the Europen museum of the Year and the most creative museum in Europe awards, it originated in Zagreb by a couple and has been travelling around the world since.

 Later in the evening, I went back to Robert’s place to pick up my backpack and relocate to my next host. When I was there, I also got to meet his two next surfers. They are these two girls from Latvia, travelling around Europe busking their guitar and hitch-hiking along the way. Apparently, the last place they slept at was on the side of the highway in a parking lot!

Mirta, my second host, turned out to be a really awesome girl. We clicked and chatted away for four hours straight right after we met. She continued to amaze me with her openness and her strong personality. Two years younger than me, she seems to have the world figured out a lot more than I have :] Also, Mirta has a dog named Bagi. He’s probably the most polite dog I’ve ever met in my life. I felt right at home with the two of them in their cozy apartment.

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