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Day 385: Riding Shotgun

Bangkok – Ayutthaya, Thailand Last night, Papa Charn offered to drive me in his Porsche to a UNESCO World Heritage site Ayutthaya today to take some photos. It was an offer impossible to decline. At 6am in the morning, we left the apartment in Bangkok […]

Terminal 21

Day 384: Boarding Terminal 21

Bangkok, Thailand – London, UK – Istanbul, Turkey – Paris, France – Tokyo, Japan – Bahamas, Carribean – Rome, Italy – San Francisco, USA – Bangkok, Thailand Busy day traveling around the world. I boarded my journey from Terminal 21 in Bangkok. Three hours later, […]


Day 383: Foodporn

Bangkok, Thailand What locals call “Otoko” is a fruit and food market located in the north of Bangkok. This morning, my sister in law’s parents Charn and Aranya brought me there to get me food supplies for the three days I’m in town. Besides coming […]

Housings by Chao Phraya

Day 382: RTW (-Nepal) (+Thailand)

Beijing, China – Bangkok, Thailand Thailand wasn’t on my list of countries to visit since I’d been here a couple of times. It was a last minute decision to do a few days stop here. After researching flight tickets online that will get me from […]