Monthly Archives: March 2012

The three sisters

Day 238: Surfing at Non-Couchsurfers’

Sydney – Blue Mountain – Jenolan – Sydney, Australia Stephen and Christine picked me up at Aunt Lily’s place early in the morning. They had planned the day for me: visiting Blue Mountain and Jenolan Cave. I also had my bag packed ready to relocate […]


Day 237: Caught Me Thinking

Sydney, Australia Manly is a suburb with hidden beaches and luxurious seafront houses in the northern part of Sydney. It’s only 20 minutes ferry ride away from Sydney’s main dock. I saw on my “Free Things to Do in Sydney” brochure that there’s a nice […]

Luna Park

Day 236: Fast Forward 15 Years

Sydney, Australia Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney reopened for the first time today after its long renovation. I got a chance to see some really spectacular pieces. I usually find a lot of modern art boring or pretentious. This museum, however, showcases a few […]

Sydney's Opera House

Day 235: Day 1 in the New Continent

Sydney, Australia Holy shit, transports are expensive here in Australia! I missed Peru and Bolivia already. I didn’t leave Aunt Lili’s house until almost 4 in the afternoon when my laundry finally dried off. But by then, I was already fighting major headache and drowsiness […]

Crossing over the Pacific

Day 234: Trans-Pacific

Santiago, Chile –  Sydney, Australia I don’t get it… I have not the slightest problem sleeping on buses. In fact, I have problem keeping awake and be productive on bus rides. But on planes, I can’t sleep for more than half an hour. My guess […]

Vegetarian Meal

Day 233: Ciao ciao!

Santiago, Chile – Sydney, Australia Finally, after three months, six countries, numerous friendly faces, and countless hours of bus rides, I had to leave South America. Even though I was sad to leave the continent, I knew one day I’d return. So much more to […]


Day 232: End With a Tremor

Mendoza, Argentina – Santiago, Chile The ride from Mendoza to Santiago brought us through a scenic route across the Andean mountains. I saw earlier at the hostel that skydiving costs less than USD 200 in the area. It’s probably not a bad place to do […]

Madonna and Child

Day 231: Bike and Wine

Mendoza – Maipu – Mendoza, Argentina I didn’t expect Mendoza to have such a wide range of outdoor excursions. One can do mountain hiking to rock climbing to water rafting to skydiving. Adam, Andy af I chose to do the more relax version of an […]

Knick-knacks in the market

Day 230: This Poor Country and Its Inadequate Napkins

Mendoza, Argentina On my ride to Mendoza, I met two Americans, Andy and Adam. Long story short, we spent the day walking around town in the morning, hiking up a hill in the afternoon then bar hopping in the evening. Andy is the joker of […]


Day 229: A Little Letting Go

Buenos Aires – Mendoza, Argentina I first met Magui in our Colca Canyon trip in Peru. A native Buenos Aires-ian, Magui is cool, easygoing and share similar interests. Since it’s my last day in town, we agreed to grab lunch together. Magui decided to invite me […]

Football and Tango

Day 228: Football & Tango

Buenos Aires, Argentina The historical area of La Boca in Buenos Aires is definitely worth a visit. The place oozes the Argentinian spirit of football and tango. I found the colourful building and the unique art style a feast for my eyes. The typographic work […]

Tree, flowers and bird

Day 227: In Ghostlike Fading

Buenos Aires, Argentina – Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay – Buenos Aires, Argentina One of the top things tourists do in Buenos Aires is to take day trip to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay. With the fast ferry, Colonia is only an hour away. Cheaper ride […]