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Lazy day

Day 439: Nada!

Selcuk – Istanbul, Turkey Did. Nothing. Today. Nothing. Nil. Nada.

Inhabitant on Samos

Day 438: “Lost” in Samos

Selcuk – Kusadasi, Turkey – Samos, Greece – Kusadasi – Selcuk, Turkey Today sort of pissed me off. My travel route plan was to go to the Greek islands from Turkey then onto mainland Greece. The travel agent in Selcuk told me that this wasn’t […]

Ephesus cats

Day 437: Cat Power

Selcuk – Ephesus – Selcuk, Turkey I have guest entry for today :] Hello, this is Sugar from Hong Kong, a woman backpacker travel alone in Turkey.  I was glad to have a chance to write something on Elys’s blog.  Elys and I were met at a backpacker resort at […]

Sunset in Istanbul

Day 428: Here We Go

Istanbul – Goreme, Turkey Nice slow day today: homemade breakfast with Cagil and his brother; strolling around the coastline promenade with Behic, then it’s off for me to Goreme (Cappadocia) on a night bus.


Day 427: Turkish Summer House

Istanbul, Turkey I learnt about an event called iKedi from a CouchSurfing meet-up. I couldn’t make head or tail of it. But “Kedi” mean “Cat” in Turkish so I went for it. It turned out to be some promotional event where the promoters provide Styrofoam template […]


Day 426: East Side / West Side

Istanbul, Turkey I vaguely remembered Kitti from Hungary told me about a Turkish friend she had. Browsing the friends of friends’ list on CS website led me to Cagil’s profile. I shot him a couch request a few days ago and he accepted it. Prior […]


Day 425: Turkish Delight(ed)

Istanbul, Turkey Being in Sultanahmet allowed me to hit up a few major sites of Istanbul in a short period of times. By 1 in the afternoon, I finished checking out AyaSophia and the Topkapi Palace. The entrance fee for both are steep so I […]

Turkish Delights

Day 424: The Future is Now!

Amman, Jordan – Istanbul, Turkey I had been quite eager to get to Turkey. I heard all the good things about Istanbul and Cappadocia (middle of Turkey) has been top of the list of places I want to visit. Istanbul is massive! I reckon it’s […]