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Day of the Dead

Day 452: Day of the Dead

Vienna, Austria It’s Halloween. I didn’t have anything in mind to celebrate. Was just going to hop on a bus and move on to Bratislava and see what’s up there. Xin had said I could join him to his friend’s Halloween party. I thought it’d […]

Dan Flavin's work

Day 451: Vermehrt Schönes

Vienna, Austria Vienna was too cold and windy to spend time outdoor. Seemed like another museum day for me. I went to check out MUMOK. I don’t quite know what to make of the exhibition by Dan Flavin. Like many modern art, it’s weird, cold […]

This is contemporary

Day 450: Vienna, Round 2

Vienna, Austria I had visited Vienna last year. Wasn’t planning for another visit at all. The reason I was back was due to the fact that there’s no direct bus ride from Macedonia to Slovakia. There were a couple museums that I had wanted to […]

Border control

Day 449: In Limbo

Ohrid, Macedonia – Belgrade, Serbia – Budapest, Hungary – Vienna, Austria My bus was at 5am. I woke up at 3:30am to find an hour difference between my watch and my iPhone. After a quick googling, I found out that there’s a daylight saving time […]

Cake shop in Ohrid

Day 448: Piece of Cake

Ohrid, Macedonia The weather changed throughout the night! It rained the entire day. Canada, Kiwi and I did nothing but staying in our hostel killing time on our laptops. Just like the weather, my travel itinerary also changed. I will spare you the technicality rants […]

Boats by Lake Ohrid

Day 447: Let’s Pretend It’s Summer

Ohrid, Macedonia An hour bus ride away from Ohrid is a famous monastery St. Naum. Canada, Kiwi and I decided to pay it a visit. The monastery itself was rather lame and none of us bothered to pay the entrance fee to go in. The […]

Autumn in Lake Ohrid

Day 446: Free Dimensional

Ohrid, Macedonia We thought it a better idea to relocate to a hostel the next day, in hope to bump into more travellers. There were none. I think we were the only tourists in town. At our new accommodation, the dorm sleeps 10 but we […]

Busker at the market

Day 445: I Was on Hot Seat, Literally…

10/24 Skopje – Tetovo – Struga – Ohrid, Macedonia Last night at dinner, a Kiwi named Sam and I had agreed to check out Skopje in the morning before we travelled together to the south of Macedonia. Skopje is a city perfect for strolling around […]


Day 444: No Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

10/23 Skopje, Macedonia The hostel I stayed at in Skopje was packed with solo travellers. I liked it. The fact that the hostel is tiny forced most of us to interact. The morning chit chat over breakfast ended with five of us deciding to travel […]

Waiting for the bus

Day 443: Balkanized!

Rila – Blagoevgrad – Sofia, Bulgaria – Skopje, Macedonia Today was pretty much uneventful as Jonathan and I made our way from the Rila Monastery to the capital of Macedonia, Skopje. It involved multiple bus connections. Thing got somewhat interesting when 10km out of the […]

Rila Monastery

Day 442: Rilski Manastir

Plovdiv – Sofia – Rila, Bulgaria Supposedly there’s a monastery (a UNESCO heritage site) up in a mountain called Rila in south of Bulgaria. And supposedly it’s a pain in the arse to get to. But I was determined to make it there. Upon reading […]

No Parking!!!

Day 441: HE ЛAPKИPAЙ!!!

Plovdiv, Bulgaria  It’s hard to navigate around Bulgaria’s streets since everything is in Cyrillic… Cyrillic looks similar to Engish alphabets but it’s not. That’s the tricky part about it: trying to not read it as you would English. “HE ЛAPKИPAЙ!!! ГAPAЖ HE ЛAPKИPAЙ!!!” reads “NE PARKIRAY!!! […]