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Day 360: Such and Such

Huangshanshi – Shanghai, China So I hung out with a 11 year-old kid all day long. Little Yiyi took quite a liking on me that he kept me company the whole day and gave me a present. Ironically, I’m closer to his mom’s age than […]


Day 359: The Rising Sun

Huangshan – Huangshanshi, China A friend told me that it’s impossible  to take a photo without a person in it in China. China is simply too populated. I learnt this morning how bad the extent of that statement. Our tour group woke up at 4am […]


Day 358: Mellow Yellow

Shanghai – Huangshan, China Huangshan literally translates as “Yellow Mountain.” A week ago when chatting with a local, I asked whereabout in China I would be able to see the steep mountains with pines on them like the ones so typical in Chinese paintings. I […]

Budget Travelling

Day 357: 穷游 = “Budget Travel”

Shanghai, China What did I do today? Nada! Si, nada! Not true. I did go to Yanchen’s house to hang out. Then to a Couchsurfing meet-up at a Starbucks. Some 30 people attended. The whole 2nd floor was taken by Couchsurfers. Met a few interesting […]


Day 356: I’m In with the “In” Crowd

Shanghai – Wuzhen – Shanghai, China I kept wondering if I had made a mistake choosing to visit Wuzhen. It’s  mad crowded and hardly enjoyable. Wuzhen is one of the many traditional water villages neighbouring Shanghai. Imagine Venice but Chinese styled. The amount of crowd […]

Odd eyes

Day 355: Odd-Eyed

Shanghai, China… I didn’t step out of my hostel until 2 in the afternoon. Even then I only went out to do some necessary tasks like researching on the tours that go to surrounding countrysides offered by local travel agencies. One weird fact that […]


Day 354: Paris of Asia

Shanghai, China I arrived in China a total mess after the brutal train ride. I already dreaded my future longer rides; one of which is Xi’an to Urumqi for 28 hours! This will break my 22-hour bus ride in South America. Upon knowing that I’d […]

Empty train?

Day 353: Empty Train (NOT!)

Xinhui – Guangzhou – Shanghai, China A typhoon hit north China today. I woke up to a rainy morning. Wailong and I sent Christina off to the bus station where she’s catching a ride to Hong Kong. Meanwhile, I plan to head to Guangzhou later […]


Day 352: 容

Xinhui – Yangmeicun – Xinhui, China Armed with a piece of paper with contacts and direction in Chinese written by my dad, Christina and I embarked on the mission to go to Yangmei Village. This is where our ancestors originated from. Our surname in Indonesia […]


Day 351: RaceaЯ

Macau – Zhuhai – Xinhui, China Racing Museum and Wine Museum in Macau (Free admission) Racing Museum: Display of racing cars and motorbikes. Stories about F1 racing in Macau. During the racing sports, a lot of tourists come to Macau. You have to buy ticket to […]

Dance festival in Macau

Day 350: Egg Tart Is British :o

Macau, China Awesome day: cheap lunch, indoor basketball in a luxury high rise, free festival, free food sampling. Couldn’t ask for more. Knowledge gained today: Egg Tart is created by a Brit!  Christina’s writing: Arrived at Hongkong Airport (From Taipei flight, CX 469 Cathay Pacific), […]


Day 349: Livre em Macau

Hong Kong – Macau, China I woke up to find a message from my cousin in Taiwan, Christina, inquiring me about my planned visit to our ancestors’ village in Guangdong Xinhui. Upon learning that I would be there by the weekend, Christina did an impulsive […]