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Lifeguard at the Dead Sea

Day 421: The Sea of Death

Amman – Wadi Mujib – Dead Sea – Amman, Jordan Lifeguard at the Dead Sea… seriously? Unless the person had just eaten 10-kilo worth of stones, it’s impossible to really submerge into the water. Or…. maybe one could just decide to off himself by laying […]

A Bedouin

Day 420: It Dawned On Me

Wadi Musa – Petra – Amman, Jordan With Laura gone back to Amman, I went back to Petra on my own. Since I had done the main path, I wanted to hike up some alternate routes. Being on my own also set me as a […]

The Monastery in Petra

Day 419: Rose-Red City Half As Old As Time

Wadi Musa – Petra – Wadi Musa, Jordan Petra’s entrance fee is costly. For a two-day pass, I paid JOD55 (USD78). The ISIC card didn’t prove to be useful. Petra is much bigger than I expected. As soon as we walked through the entrance, there […]


Day 418: Loomer

Wadi Rum – Wadi Musa, Jordan Strange day today… The plan was to: Commute from Wadi Rum to Petra with the five Americans Meet up with my Amman CS host, Laura and her new CS guest, Chris Cavesurf with Laura and Chris in a cave […]


Day 417: Mr. Sandman, Bring Us A Dream

Aqaba – Wadi Rum, Jordan I never heard and had no intention on visiting Wadi Rum. By chance, I met Carolyn during my dive yesterday. Carolyn is travelling with her five friends and had booked a two-day one-night trip to Wadi Rum. The price was […]

Beach time

Day 416: Sunshower

Aqaba, Jordan I’d never actually done proper wreck diving before. There’s a “wreck” dive site in Vela Luka, Croatia when I was doing my dive internship last year. This site is supposed to be a burnt down restaurant from the 70’s. One can see stove, […]

The King's Highway

Day 415: Feel the Vapor Pressure Drop

Amman – Aqaba, Jordan Today I experienced more of Jordanian hospitality. During my wait on the bus station, I was handed a glass of cranberries juice by a local family who happened to be pouring the beverage for their kids. I was slightly taken aback […]

The gatekeeper

Day 414: The Gatekeeper

Amman – Desert Castles – Amman, Jordan Amman is a great place to be based in when in Jordan. The whole country is small enough to do easy day trips to the surrounding areas. Among the many day routes is the Desert Castles route to […]

Jordanian quilt design

Day 413: Going Blank Again

Amman, Jordan Gonna make this a short one. Today: Laura’s couscous Good lookin’ cat Roman Amphitheatre That’s all folks!  


Day 412: And the World Turns

Amman, Jordan I have met a bunch of interesting individuals from Couchsurfing but Laura kinda tops the list. It’s not everyday you meet somebody who, in his/her own free will, lived for a year or so in Kabul, Afghanistan. Born in Romania, Laura left the […]

Moments Without Gravity

Day 411: Space is Brilliant

Mumbai, India – Amman, Jordan Amman is fresh! All the buildings are monotone in colour. Dulux and Benjamin Moore would go bankrupt if other cities in the world were like Amman. I tagged along with a French girl and a Syrian guy from my hostel […]

Horn Please

Day 395: Horn Please

Pushkar – New Delhi, India Entry written by Anneleen: The return to Delhi wasn’t really easy. There was a lot of traffic on the road and suddenly the traffic was completely stuck. Because Raju turned the engine of, it got really hot in the car. The […]