I’m never too far away!

I can always be reached via email: elys.muda(at)
Or my Skype: elysmuda
And I’ll be tweeting @follow_elys
Also, subscribe to my RSS feed?
For you iPhone users: my Instagram handle is follow_elys
Yes, I finally made a Facebook account…. I conformed to peer pressure :\
Or you can simply leave me a comment below :)

Toss some bananas my way?


  1. Henry Muda
    Posted 10 Jun at 3:10 am | Permalink

    Dear Elys:
    Nice website! :) Your Papa told me about this website address.
    How are you? Hope everything’s going well for you….. :)
    Take care,
    Ali KeKe
    Medan, Indonesia

  2. Posted 22 Feb at 1:04 am | Permalink

    hola soy la niña del rap que estaba afuera del museo pablo neruda en chile … jajaja recuerdo que estaba con mis amigos cantando rapeando y nos tomamos fotografias bueno espero que estes muy bien en tu viaje suerte y enviame las fotos ami correo cuando puedas :)

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