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Day 443: Balkanized!

Rila – Blagoevgrad – Sofia, Bulgaria – Skopje, Macedonia

Today was pretty much uneventful as Jonathan and I made our way from the Rila Monastery to the capital of Macedonia, Skopje. It involved multiple bus connections.

Thing got somewhat interesting when 10km out of the border crossing of Bulgaria and Macedonia we made a rest stop at a restaurant.

Everybody went down for a leak or a stretch. Everybody returned to the bus to resume the trip. Except for one person! Jonathan!

I was going to offer him some snack when I realized that he’s not on the bus. I told the bus driver that we were missing one passenger and we needed to turn back. He wasn’t thrilled of the idea and mumbled in Bulgarian and drove on. The other passengers, all locals, voiced out. They asked if I had his contact info. I had none. For all I know, Jonathan kept his passport in his bag which was on the bus. I had thought perhaps I could just bring his stuffs to the hostel and he’d probably make it there himself one way or another. Then it dawned on me that he couldn’t cross the border. I told this to the other passengers on board and everybody got together on getting the driver to go back for Jonathan. He’s one lucky fella. He’d have been so fucked had I not bought snacks and thought to offer him some and had the rest of the people on board weren’t so helpful.

Thumbs up for Bulgarians! Balkans, here we come!


  1. Posted 4 Nov at 9:45 pm | Permalink

    You’re a good person. How did he manage to miss the bus?

    • Elys
      Posted 4 Nov at 10:31 pm | Permalink

      I have no clue how he missed the bus… I suppose I did the right thing. Could probably have sold his US passport to fund another year of travelling? I kid :]

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