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Day 121: Wait a Minute… This Is Not Europe

Algeciras, Spain – Tanger – Chefchaouen, Morocco Right guys, I’m too lazy to write and I had convinced Storm to write for me during the Moroccan trip. So here goes: The first step into Morocco was a big one. First off Elys had told me […]

Stoic monkey

Day 120: Monkeying Around

Algeciras, Spain – Gibraltar, UK – Algeciras, Spain We totally would have pulled off a few of this in Gibraltar, cos the town sucks. But these, taken mostly up the Gilbratar’s rock, made up for all the suckiness :]  Mission macaque-smuggling-in-backpack failed though. These monkeys […]

Airplane landing

Day 119: Meet Me at the Stereo Store Next to the Dead Fountain

Mijas Coste – Marbella – Algeciras, Spain – Gibraltar, UK – Algeciras, Spain Time to move on! We got all too comfy at David’s. Finally, we’re leaving Mijas to catch a bus from Marbella to Algeciras. Algeciras is a Spanish town without anything interesting. The […]

David, David Jr. and Blanca

Day 118: Two Cameras, Five Souls and A Pool

Mijas Coste, Spain David’s kids Blanca and David Jr were spending the weekend with their Papi. These kids are just as fun and as loco as the dad. All of us had a wild session of photo taking. I finally got to use the Pentax […]

David's Paella

Day 117: Paella Paella Paella Without Ingredient

Mijas Coste – Marbella – Mijas Coste, Spain Another lazy day. Woke up  at almost 11. Made paella  for lunch at 2. Here’s the secret to David’s Paella-Without-Ingredient: 1. Sing the Paella anthem 2. Put together the ingredient (basically whatever you have) 3. Throw them […]

Cruisin' to Malaga

Day 116: Time Slows Down

Mijas Coste – Malaga – Mijas Coste, Spain I don’t think I had woken up as late as today since my whole tripl. It was good to slow down the pace. It’s hard not to, considering Davids town, Mijas Coste, is totally a vacation town […]

Sagrada Familia

Day 115: Lust for Life

Sant Boi – Barcelona – Sant Boi – Malaga – Mijas Costa, Spain I would bet my money that Gaudi was one of the following: a) an alien b) once captured by Martians and spent a good amount of his time in the outerspace colony […]

Gaudi's Mosaic

Day 114: Pink Orange Red

Sant Boi – Barcelona – Sant Boi, Spain So Pedro had to work today and Marta didn’t. Marta brought me to Park Guell, which is a public park designed by Gaudi. The park was packed with tourists. Probably because it’s Gaudi and it’s free. We […]

Catalan's giants

Day 113: Vintage Future

Sant Boi – Barcelona – Sant Boi, Spain Pedro and Marta spent their precious day off showing me around Barcelona. It so happened that today was Catalan national holiday. Catalunya is one of the seventeen autonomous communities in the Kingdom of Spain, which its capital […]


Day 112: Ola!!!

Nice – Avignon, France – Barcelona – Sant Boi, Spain I didn’t really “see” Avignon. However, I was physically there for 45 mins, so here: Upon arriving in Barcelona, I took a half hour metro ride to the suburb to a town called Sant Boi. […]