Monthly Archives: July 2011


Day 71: Five Miles into the Atmosphere

Zagreb, Croatia – Vienna, Austria – New York, USA Kris arrived at my hostel at 5 in the morning to send me off to the airport. It was so weird to finally meet him in person after all these years. He’s definitely no stranger because […]

Destination Zagreb

Day 70: Ferry, Train and Plane

Vela Luka – Split – Zagreb, Croatia 5:30 in the morning, I was on board the ferry in the rainy morning, heading to Split. By 8:50am, I was on a fast train towards Zagreb. So the gameplan was to head out to Zagreb and spent […]

Promenade in Vela Luka

Day 69: All Ablaze

Vela Luka, Croatia As planned, when the post office opened in the morning, I sent a package of my unused stuffs home. Since it’s Fourth of July, Storm and I had been talking about having a BBQ to celebrate. I went to purchase the food […]

View At the Dock

Day 68: Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Vela Luka, Croatia So my suspicion was correct! The bloody apartment had bed bugs I thought I noticed some weird bumps and then today I saw two bed bugs crawling around. I got mauled all over my arms, legs, neck and face over the past […]


Day 67: Gameplanning

Vela Luka, Croatia I planned to send a package home today from the post office. I had with me some diving manuals, wetsuit and diveskin that I won’t be needing anymore. I decided to also rid myself off the Pacsafe Wire Mesh 85L that I […]

Perched Up on a Hill

Day 66: Another Rider Up in Flames

Vela Luka, Croatia I didn’t go in to the dive center today. I spent the morning with Adam and David at Nautica Restaurant drinking coffee and Karlovacko while using the internet. I wrote Marjolein that I quit the internship and explaining the situation. I even […]