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Day 68: Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Vela Luka, Croatia

So my suspicion was correct! The bloody apartment had bed bugs :( I thought I noticed some weird bumps and then today I saw two bed bugs crawling around. I got mauled all over my arms, legs, neck and face over the past two nights. There must be some hundred of bites. To make matter worse, I developed a pretty bad allergic reaction. The bites started to clump up, red and swollen. They’re also mad itchy.

Talking about down on luck huh? Everything seemed to conspire against me at the moment. I seriously considered to just book a ticket and fly home if I had not my pride in line. Besides, I’d totally be disappointed with myself if I did that anyway. I read about bed bugs being one of the problems backpacker always encounter. I just got super unlucky and got it the first night I rent a place.

I did some research over the internet, trying to find out what I could do about the bites. I think I’d have to live with them for a couple of weeks judging from my reaction to them. And there’s nothing much I could do but wait it out. So it’s mid-day, it’s real hot, and I was wearing my sweater. The bites look so nasty and are in an abundant that they look like chicken pox. Bugger… I really do hope these bites don’t leave any marks/scars.

Croatian phrase of the day:

Ja imam = I have



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