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Waiting for the bus

Day 443: Balkanized!

Rila – Blagoevgrad – Sofia, Bulgaria – Skopje, Macedonia Today was pretty much uneventful as Jonathan and I made our way from the Rila Monastery to the capital of Macedonia, Skopje. It involved multiple bus connections. Thing got somewhat interesting when 10km out of the […]

Rila Monastery

Day 442: Rilski Manastir

Plovdiv – Sofia – Rila, Bulgaria Supposedly there’s a monastery (a UNESCO heritage site) up in a mountain called Rila in south of Bulgaria. And supposedly it’s a pain in the arse to get to. But I was determined to make it there. Upon reading […]

No Parking!!!

Day 441: HE ЛAPKИPAЙ!!!

Plovdiv, Bulgaria  It’s hard to navigate around Bulgaria’s streets since everything is in Cyrillic… Cyrillic looks similar to Engish alphabets but it’s not. That’s the tricky part about it: trying to not read it as you would English. “HE ЛAPKИPAЙ!!! ГAPAЖ HE ЛAPKИPAЙ!!!” reads “NE PARKIRAY!!! […]

Plovdiv's town square

Day 440: Let’s go Disco in Bulgaria

Istanbul, Turkey – Plovdiv, Bulgaria First impression of Bulgaria: the 80’s making a comeback or it never left. My bus from Turkey to Bulgaria was mostly full of Bulgarians with perm fake blond hairdos, crooked teeth and track suits and pants. My suspicion thickened when a […]