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Day 185: Gracias Por Su Visita

La Paz, Bolivia – Desaguadero – Puno – Cusco, Peru It’s time to head back to Peru. This time around I chose to go a different route; not through Lake Titicaca, but through a ghetto town called Desaguadero. Since the route was more direct, the […]

Welcome to Alasita 2012

Day 184: The Hunger Games

La Paz, Bolivia Lazy day. Walked around town with Andre. Visited the fair again and found out that it’s an annual fair called “Alasita” and it takes place in January and February We also spent time just sitting in the park since Andre wasn’t feeling […]

The game

Day 183: Bolivia Five-O

La Paz, Bolivia It’s either going to watch Bolivian football or Bolivian girl wrestling (Cholitas) today. Due to the fact that an Englishman (Ben) was making the call, it’s pretty certain which decision he made. I met up with Nat, Ben, Justin and a bunch […]


Day 182: Marching Powder

Uyuni – La Paz, Bolivia Survived the insanely long bus ride back to La Paz. I also changed to a cheaper hostel. Check this out, $2.75 per night. No shit But there’s no hot shower. I was too tired to do much for the rest […]

Standing in my shoes

Day 181: Try Standing in My Shoe

La Paz – Uyuni – La Paz, Bolivia So the whole point of coming to Bolivia was to visit Salar de Uyuni, the biggest salt flat in the world, and take sick perspective photos. In order to get there, Nat, Ben and I boarded the […]

Hectic La Paz

Day 180: Library Pictures

La Paz – Uyuni, Bolivia Woke up with aching body and my left side totally sore from the fall. I packed up my backpack and brought my dirty clothes to a laundromat service. This was my second time having my laundry done for me in […]

Riding down The Death Road

Day 179: Buena Onda!

La Paz – La Cumbre – Coroico – La Paz, Bolivia A week ago, I had no idea what The Road of Death was. Upon hearing that I’d continue my trip to Bolivia, a guy at the hostel I stayed at in Arequipa told me […]

Baby Llama!

Day 178: Lifehacking

La Paz, Bolivia Today was the day to get a feel of La Paz and figuring out the excursions I could do from here. I was trying to get hold of Nat and Ben the whole day just so we could book our trips together. […]


Day 177: Border Crossing in Style

Puno – Copacabana, Peru – La Paz, Bolivia There are two ways to cross border from Peru to Bolivia. The longer route (8 hours) via Copacabana is more scenic yet more complicated. It involves: Hopping on a bus in Puno Getting off at the Peru-Bolivia […]