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Asahi's Turd Sculpture

Day 327: Japan-hacking

Tokyo – Narita, Japan – Incehon – Seoul, Korea Last day in Japan. I think this is the ideal entry to do a breakdown of my 2-week Japan Rail Pass and see how I faired. 6/15 Narita – Tokyo; Tokyo – Ueno; Ueno – Shinjuku; […]


Day 326: Green With Envy

Tokyo, Japan For all you designers, producers and creative bunch out there… do visit Tokyo Advertising Museum if you’re in town. It’s free and it’s brilliant! Never thought I would spend so much time in that small museum. It features all the coolest advertisement from […]

Old and new collide

Day 325: You Ma’am, Are A Geek, Not A Scholar

Tokyo – Sendai – Matsushima – Sendai – Tokyo, Japan I hit up another “Nihon Sankei” site for today: Matsushima. This area is famous for its hundreds of small pine tree covered islands. Hence the name “Matsu” (pine) and “Shima” (island). Strangely, I thought I […]


Day 324:Tiptoe Through the True Bits

Tokyo – Morioka – Tokyo, Japan Again, why Morioka? I really have no clue. Probably because it’s raining in Nagano. Or it could be the current relentless Iwate region tourism campaign. I was in Morioka with loads of elderly (60+ years old) tourists. There must be […]

Urushiyama at dusk

Day 323: Glitters Like Gold

Tokyo – Niigata – Urushiyama – Niigata – Tokyo, Japan It’s 6pm and I stood in a bus stop shelter on my own in the middle of nowhere in a prefecture called Urushiyama. There were only rice fields and residential houses around and some factories. […]

Ten thousands red gates

Day 322: Ten Thousands Red Gates, Zero Red Balloons

Kyoto – Tokyo, Japan I think I’m overdosing on temples. I had wanted to go to Nara, another world heritage temple ground, probably very similar to Nikko and Miyajima. Upon researching online, I learnt that each temple there would cost me ¥500 a pop; price […]

American Wannabe

Day 321: “Check Is This!”

Kyoto – Osaka – Kyoto, Japan The plan was to visit some landmarks in Osaka. But my my, I got stuck the entire afternoon in Osaka’s hippest district named “Amerikamura”, literally translates as American village. As the name suggested, all the hipsters here dress and […]

Kinkakuji During A Rainy Day

Day 320: Bored in Kyoto

Kyoto, Japan Travelling sucks when the weather is bad. I have heard nothing but good thing about Kyoto but I hardly enjoyed my day here. It rained the entire morning. I thought I should just paid and entered the International Manga Museum and waited out […]

Japanese wedding

Day 319: Fineshrine

Hiroshima – Miyajima – Hiroshima – Kyoto, Japan Miyajima is considered one of the three most scenic sites in Japan (Nihon Sankei). It absolutely earns the credit rightfully. The main attraction is the floating Torii gate and temple that during high tide would seemingly rise […]

Peace Memorial Park

Day 318: Enola Gay, You Should Have Stayed Home Yesterday

Tokyo – Hiroshima, Japan The trip from Tokyo to Hiroshima took 5 hour on two bullet train rides. Arriving in Hiroshima, my first destination was the Peace Memorial Museum. The museum is a tribute to that doomed day of August 6, 1945 when the US’ […]


Day 317: Fantasea!

Tokyo – Mitaka – Tokyo, Japan From many reviews of things to do in Tokyo, experiencing the tuna action and eating the fresh sushi in Tsukiji market is often one of the tops in the list. I reluctantly woke up at 4:30am and was on […]

Wash up before praying

Day 316: See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil

Tokyo – Nikko – Tokyo, Japan Nikko boasts of its World Heritage temple areas and it is indeed like the Disneyland of temples. With a ¥1,000 combination ticket, you’re able to visit most of them. The temples range from the seven gods temple to fortune […]