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Watermelon Vendor

Day 334: Mamma Mia! (Literally Speaking)

Seoul – Incheon, Korea – Taipei, Taiwan Moving on to Taiwan today! My mum flew in from the States to meet up with me. She got in the airport at 5am and waited out for my arrival at 11am. I had not seen her for […]


Day 333: Pakbingsu

Yeosu – Seoul, Korea Having spent two and a half days in Yeosu Expo, I took a bus and made my way back to Seoul. Didn’t do much the rest of the day except for going out to have more Pakbingsu (shaved iced) with two […]

Yeosu Expo

Day 332: Digital Existence

Yeosu, Korea Another day at the Expo. I was rushing around the whole day trying to visit all attractions: I was totally at home now staying my third nights at Yeosu’s Jjimjilbang. After shower, I laid around on the floor drinking Sikhye and eating Pakbingsu […]

Hello Yeosu

Day 331: Yes Yeosu

Yeosu, Korea Spent roughly 12 hours roaming around the Yeosu Expo ground. Simply too much to see. Loads of robots: Cultural events and pavilions: Marine technology pavilions: Corporate pavilions trying to outdo one another with fancy architectures, graphics and technology: Ocean-themed parade: Giant screens, rear-view […]

Being "underwater" without diving

Day 330: The Naked Truth

Seoul – Yeosu, Korea At first, I found it rather troublesome trying to figure out the logistics for cheap transportation and accommodation for the Yeosu Expo. Thinking back about it now, it’s actually quite straightforward. I think I successfully visited Yeosu and the expo in […]

Gwangjang Food Market

Day 329: This Lil’ Piggy Went to the Market

Seoul, Korea I was glad I visited the free National Art Gallery in Seoul. It’s very comprehensive in terms of Korean history. Definitely learnt a great deal as I knew close to nothing about Korea. However, the most marvelous piece I saw there was an […]

Sunflower at Bukcheon

Day 328: The Foods, The Goods and The Hoods

Seoul, Korea Like always, I never knew what’s going on in a place before getting there. After chatting with other travelers at the hostel, I learnt about some local cheap food, a world expo in Yeosu, and an old street in Seoul. That’s exactly what […]

Asahi's Turd Sculpture

Day 327: Japan-hacking

Tokyo – Narita, Japan – Incehon – Seoul, Korea Last day in Japan. I think this is the ideal entry to do a breakdown of my 2-week Japan Rail Pass and see how I faired. 6/15 Narita – Tokyo; Tokyo – Ueno; Ueno – Shinjuku; […]