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The Gang

Day 300: When Life Is Much Simpler

Medan, Indonesia A visit to my old neighbour’s house uncovered these ol’ goodies:    


Day 298: Living the Fat Life

Medan, Indonesia More Indonesian dishes:  

Brastagi's market

Day 296: Hi Ho Silver Lining

Medan – Berastagi – Gundaling – Medan, Indonesia Between my lengthy wait for the root canal treatment and trying to match my friends’ schedule to do a diving trip, I’m sort of stuck in Medan for longer than I had planned for. Being quite bored, […]


Day 295: Through the Looking Glass

Medan, Indonesia Mmm, breakfast was this Chinese rice dumpling which Indonesian called “Ki Cang.” I’m not particularly sure of its Chinese name. Basically, every fifth day of the fifth Lunar Month, during an event known as Duan Wu Festival, Chinese around the world would eat […]


Day 294: This Is Not Poo

Medan, Indonesia Presentation is definitely not a top priority in Indonesian cuisine. These two dishes that I had today came in a mess of a plate. Let me assure you however, they tasted awesome. And the featured photo is Durian, known for its pungent smell. As […]

Alien encounter

Day 293: The Sash My Father Wore and Other Stories

Medan – Belawan – Medan, Indonesia I had not had much chance to spend time with my dad since he’s  busy working during weekdays. I figured I should just join him for the day at his work and get some quality daughter-daddy time. Ha! It […]

Sate Padang

Day 286: Hello Goodbye

Medan, Indonesia The reason I was in a rush to be back in Medan was to get a chance to meet Yohanna before she left for the States. I made it in time so we could spend a day together. It’d be another half a […]

Looking back at the past

Day 285: The Ghosts of the Distant Past

Jakarta – Medan, Indonesia It’s been eight years since I returned to my hometown, Medan. And it’s been eight years since I last saw my dad. It was a whirlwind of a day, starting with a two and a half hour delay on my two […]


Day 284: Gone Are the Vegemite Days

Christchurch, New Zealand – Sydney, Australia – Jakarta, Indonesia My alarm set off at 4am. I packed my sleeping bag and went to check in for my flight to Sydney. By 8am Australian time, I was at Sydney airport, with 5 hours to kill before […]

Country road

Day 283: Collapsing Space

Blenheim – Christchurch, New Zealand Hanna and I woke an hour earlier to pack up our backpacks and clean up our campervan. We were so getting used to the routines of disassembling the bed and reassembling the dining table that it was sad to finally […]

Too many chocolate

Day 282: 2 Much Chocolate

Farewell Spit – Takaka – Aoraki – Nelson – Blenheim, New Zealand This morning it was raining so hard, that Elys actually thought we had been swept away by the sea during the night. Fortunately, we found the car still standing where we had stopped […]

Wish you were here

Day 281: Wish You Were Here… Improvised

Abel Tasman – Motueka – Collinswood – Farewell Spit, New Zealand Back to Hanna writing: It turns out that the kayaking we were planning for today is not going to happen after all. Apparently, the tours all leave at 9 in the morning as the […]