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Ryan Air!

Day 139: Who the Hell is Ryan?

Marrakesh, Morocco – Beauvais, France Hoorah! We’re flying back out to Europe today. Storm and I spent the whole morning putting our haggling techniques to use. We got some mad haggle-tekkers now. I managed to get the vendors to argue amongst themselves, and ended up […]

Four dirham orange juice

Day 138: Floating Vibes

Marrakesh, Morocco I’m not sure if it’s the heat or we’re simply having enough of Morocco in general. It might have been the latter. There were plenty of excursions we could have done instead of staying in Marrakesh, but somehow we couldn’t bring ourselves to […]


Day 137: Fractal Loop

Marrakesh, Morocco So… I’m back at writing the blog entries. It sucks cos I’m getting used to having a guest writer :] After the incident from yesterday, Storm and I took it easy for the day. After breakfast in the morning and a stroll in […]

Good As New

Day 136: Chicks Dig Scars

Marrakesh, Morocco Todays agenda was to simply wander around the Medina get a bit lost and see what we can find. Once again it’s a city where everyone is trying to do business and see tourists as nothing much more than moneybags. Here they stand […]

Pure awesomeness!

Day 135: A Long Winding Road

Ouarzazate – Marrakesh, Morocco This morning the destination was decided and our bags were packed and our bus tickets were booked for Marrakesh. The ride ended up being about 6 hours but the views on the way were spectacular. Between Ouarzazate and Marrakesh was a […]


Day 134: Around the World in 20 Mins

Ouarzazate, Morocco So upon learning about the few site there are to see around Ouarzazate me and elys hired a car to check a few of them out. First on our list, Atlas studios, where such films as Gladiator, The Mummy Returns, Kundun, etc. were […]

Welcome to the moon!

Day 133: Men on the Moon

Tinghir – Ouarzazate, Morocco Just another long travel day for Elys and I. Lasshan hung out with us In the morning before out Bus was to take off to Ouarzazate. The bus rolled up and we said our see you laters to the Berber Bob […]

Lasshan's Camel

Day 132: Trekking with Mustafa, Fatima and Bob Marley

Tinghir – Gorge Todra – Tinghir, Morocco Lasshan met us this morning and we he took us for a trip up into the gorges. On either side of us rock faces shot up to great highest and left us feeling shrunken in the landscape. Walking […]


Day 131: Pistols At Dawn

Merzouga – El Rissani – Erfoud – Tinghir, Morocco Dune of Merzouga Part 2 3 AM I wake up to the wind is roaring over top of our campsite and a mouth full of sand. The storm we had been watching from the dunes had […]

A man and his camel

Day 130: Going Places, Meeting Camels, Doing Things

Fes – El Rissani – Merzouga – Erg Chebbi, Morocco  Welcome to the 2 part special Edition where Elys and I bring you as close to our desert adventure as the internet allows.  Leaving Fes around 9 we were departing on a 9 hour bus […]

Smell Good

Day 129: A Certain Shade Of Funk

Fes, Morocco Today our host wanted to show us around the medina but she was feeling a bit under the weather. She introduced us to a few of her friends who were glad to take us around old town and show us some of the […]

Didn't have to pay to take this one

Day 128: “For You My Friend, I Make A Very Special Price”

Fez – Meknes – Volubilis – Moulay Idriss – Fes, Morocco It seemed as if today was not my day. I forgot how overwhelming the big cities can be.  It’s almost impossible to avoid running into shop owners who persist on playing “Lets Make a […]