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Crossing over the Pacific

Day 234: Trans-Pacific

Santiago, Chile –  Sydney, Australia I don’t get it… I have not the slightest problem sleeping on buses. In fact, I have problem keeping awake and be productive on bus rides. But on planes, I can’t sleep for more than half an hour. My guess […]

Vegetarian Meal

Day 233: Ciao ciao!

Santiago, Chile – Sydney, Australia Finally, after three months, six countries, numerous friendly faces, and countless hours of bus rides, I had to leave South America. Even though I was sad to leave the continent, I knew one day I’d return. So much more to […]


Day 232: End With a Tremor

Mendoza, Argentina – Santiago, Chile The ride from Mendoza to Santiago brought us through a scenic route across the Andean mountains. I saw earlier at the hostel that skydiving costs less than USD 200 in the area. It’s probably not a bad place to do […]

Horse in a field

Day 216: Ushuaia vs. El Calafate

Puerto Natales, Chile – El Calafate, Argentina Woooohoooooo, Argentina! 20th country! For the past few weeks, I had been struggling to decide whether to go to Ushuaia or El Calafate after finishing up in Puerto Natales. Ushuaia claims to be El fin de mundo (The […]

Las Torres

Day 215: Reaching for the Towers

Torres del Paine – Puerto Natales, Chile My not having enough time to do the full Torres del Paine trek was indeed a blessing in disguise. Had I attempted the feat, I would have probably died halfway. I only did the first part of the […]


Day 214: Mylodon’s Patagonia

Puerto Natales – Torres del Paine, Chile After all this time gawking at photos of Torres del Paine on the Internet, it finally came the day I actually got to see it in person. The day trip brought us first to the Cave of Mylodon. […]

Peeking into somebody´s backyard

Day 213: Mint Car

Puerto Natales, Chile Southern Chile is indeed a beautiful place. It’s not just the nature, the town is also amazing. The houses are colorful. It felt to me as though I was in some Scandinavian coastal town (not that I have been in Scandinavia). A […]

Puerto Natales

Day 212: Land Ahoy!

Puerto Montt – Puerto Natales, Chile As we made our way further south, the weather grew colder and colder. On our last day aboard Navimag, not that many of us spent time outdoor on the deck. One could feel the anxiety and eagerness to finally […]

Warrior´s pose

Day 211: Sea Warriors

Puerto Montt – Puerto Natales, Chile When I was spending my morning walking round the ship enjoying the views and taking pictures, I saw some folks doing yoga on the upper deck. I was dying to do some other activities other than roaming about the […]

Life aquatic

Day 210: Life Aquatic

Puerto Montt – Puerto Natales, Chile Life aquatic of Elys Muda… was fun for half a day then I was sort of bored. Nothing much to do on the ship. The views were amazing but it’s too cold to be outside and be comfortable for […]

Port of Puerto Montt

Day 209: Shipboarding

Puerto Montt – Puerto Natales, Chile Today would be the first time I’d be on a cruise ship. Though, Navimag‘s Evangelitas isn’t really a proper cruise ship like the ones in the States. I believe it was a Japanese cargo ship that was purchased and […]

Foxy Brown

Day 208: Foxy Brown and the Different Shades of Green

Puerto Montt, Chile They say not to judge book by its cover. I think this may apply to scenery as well; in the sense that not all impressive views translate well into photographs. I joined the day tour to Vincente Perez Rosales national park, per […]