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Baby Llama!

Day 178: Lifehacking

La Paz, Bolivia Today was the day to get a feel of La Paz and figuring out the excursions I could do from here. I was trying to get hold of Nat and Ben the whole day just so we could book our trips together. […]


Day 177: Border Crossing in Style

Puno – Copacabana, Peru – La Paz, Bolivia There are two ways to cross border from Peru to Bolivia. The longer route (8 hours) via Copacabana is more scenic yet more complicated. It involves: Hopping on a bus in Puno Getting off at the Peru-Bolivia […]

Thought this is a funny picture

Day 176: Taquile? Tequila?

Amantani – Taquile – Puno, Peru Beatrice woke Alberto and I up at 6:30 and fixed us breakfast. Then we’re sent off to the port for our boat ride leaving the island. An hour journey brought us to the island Taquile. The weather had been […]

Greeted by the residents of Los Uros

Day 175: Audio, Video, Disco

Puno – Los Uros – Amantani, Peru The tour first brought us to Los Uros, the famous floating islands of Titicaca. These islands are all man-made out of the abundant reeds that grow in the lake. As the boat approached the one of the islands, […]

The three amigos

Day 174: Cellar Door

Puno, Peru I read online that it’s best to apply for Bolivian visa in Puno prior to entering the border. Reason being that it’s cheaper and it prevents one from getting turned away at the border. WRONG! First of, it’s the same price (an outrageous […]


Day 173: Free and Easy, Take 2

Arequipa – Puno, Peru Per suggestion by the hostel’s receptionist, I didn’t buy my bus ticket in town. I went straight to the  terminal and winged it there.It was the thing to do cos it’s easily 2/3 the price of what I was quoted in […]


Day 172: Flights of the Condors

Chivay – Yanque – Maca – Pinchollo – Colca Canyon – Chivay – Arequipa, Peru Bright and early, the tour group headed out again in the bus going towards Colca Canyon for the Cruz de Condors trip. Same deal like yesterday, we made many viewpoint […]

Merchant girl

Day 171: Hurry Up! We’re Dreaming

Arequipa – Chivay, Peru It’s probably a good thing I didn’t choose to do the trekking in Colca Canyon. My head throbbed the whole day after a few hours bus ride to the town Chivay, which is located at 3635m above sea level. Locals chew […]

Arequipa's Plaza de Armas

Day 170: Missing Juanita

Nazca – Arequipa, Peru I thought I would be able to sleep quite well on the night bus from Nazca to Arequipa but the road was horrendous. I don’t think I ever went into a deep sleep. Arriving at Arequipa, I took a much need […]


Day 169: Mummified

Nazca, Peru Two main excursions to do in Nazca were the viewing of the Nazca Lines and the mummies in Chauchilla Cemetery. Our hostel offered tours that went to these places. Nazca Lines for 35 soles and Chauchilla Cemetery for 45 soles per person. Being […]

Nazca Lines

Day 168: Nazcan Skywalk

Lima – Nazca, Peru I didn’t get back to the hostel until 5am in the morning to pack up my stuffs in order to catch a 6am taxi to the bus terminal and 7am bus from Lima to Nazca. Long story short, I bumped into […]

Riot police hanging out

Day 167: Good Morning Peru!

Lima, Peru Visiting downtown Lima was quite a different experience than in Miraflores. Gone were the laid-back crowds of Miraflores. The crowds here were all busy going somewhere doing something. Strangely enough, I didn’t get any photos that captured that atmosphere. Somehow I got a […]