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Heading towards the sun

Day 87: Cause for Alarm

Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina – Split, Croatia – Plitvice, Croatia Sooooo, some weird forces seemed to not want us to visit Plitvice. But against all odds, Sarah and I somehow made it there, but not without insane twists and turns. First at all, we couldn’t find any […]

Dervish Monastery

Day 86: Open Sesame

Mostar – Blagaj – Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina After our awesome Bosnian breakfast of fried dough called “Peksimeti” made by Mama, Bata suggested that we paid Blagaj a visit. The town has a holy house by the cliff and the opening of a cave where water flows […]

Stari Most

Day 85: In Love with the View

Sarajevo – Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina The plan was to only stop by Mostar for a half day and continue to Split, Croatia. But we heard loads of good things about Mostar. Our expectation was high and Mostar didn’t disappoint. As soon as we were brought to […]

Ice cream kid

Day 84: Welcome to Sarajevo

Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina Sarajevo isn’t a city easy to get around with public transportation. Sarah and I decided to join the tour offered by our hostel. At $20 bucks, it’s definitely worth it since we were able to visit all the major sites in one day. […]

Doggie and his kennel :D

Day 83: Snooping Doggy Dog

Belgrade, Serbia – Sarajevo, Bosnia Bosnian’s landscape was surprisingly beautiful. Its hilly and mountain scene reminded me somewhat of the Alpine. En route to Sarajevo, we had a short lunch stop at a restaurant. Sarah and I bumped into two guys carrying what we later […]