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Day 314: Nippon!

Jakarta, Indonesia – Narita – Tokyo, Japan Being one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world, I wouldn’t have expected to encounter any difficulties with cellular network and free public wifi in Tokyo. I was dead wrong. During my last conversation with my dad, […]

Devout Muslim kids

Day 307: Assalamu Alaikum

Banda Aceh, Indonesia Aceh suffered the most lost during the tsunami incident in 2004. Losing more than 120,000 souls to the disaster, I found both the town and the people of Banda Aceh recovered from the loss surprisingly well. Banda Aceh is by far the […]

Morning light

Day 306: The Day the Time Stood Still

Banda Aceh, Indonesia I “woke up” to a windy morning by the beach. Sleeping propped up in between two chairs wasn’t fun. Erin and I were the first to venture out to take pictures before rain forced us to take shelter back in the bungalow […]

Coconut peddler

Day 305: A Brief Encounter and Unexpected Farewell

Pulau Weh – Banda Aceh, Indonesia A few days ago, out of the blue, Charli hit me up and said she’s heading to Sumatra. It so happened that she planned to dive at Pulau Weh as well. It would have been superb had we been […]

Lurking puffer

Day 305: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Pulau Weh, Indonesia We woke up to a nice morning.  Putting on our gear, loaded everything up to the boat and all of a sudden the west wind and rain came in with full force out of nowhere. Thank you God for your fresh morning […]

Found Nemo!

Day 303: The War of Roses

Pulau Weh, Indonesia I am writing this entry with a gun pointed at my head. I’ve promised Elys to write ever since we were in Pulau Weh, but I slyly managed to get away until her last days in Indonesia  :D. So here goes.. First […]

Kids playing in the sea

Day 302: Indonesia at Km. 0

Pulau Weh, Indonesia There are plenty of famous dive sites in Indonesia and Pulau Weh is one of them, albeit it’s considerably less known compared to other sties like Bunaken in Sulawesi, Derawan in Kalimantan, Raja Ampat in Papua, etc. The reason I chose to […]

Old home

Day 301: City of Strangers, Alien and Bleak

Medan – Banda Aceh – Pulau Weh, Indonesia I finally left Medan for Pulau Weh to do some diving. The two weeks in Medan was the longest I’d ever stayed put in one place since the beginning of the year. I was itching to be […]

The Gang

Day 300: When Life Is Much Simpler

Medan, Indonesia A visit to my old neighbour’s house uncovered these ol’ goodies:    


Day 298: Living the Fat Life

Medan, Indonesia More Indonesian dishes:  

Brastagi's market

Day 296: Hi Ho Silver Lining

Medan – Berastagi – Gundaling – Medan, Indonesia Between my lengthy wait for the root canal treatment and trying to match my friends’ schedule to do a diving trip, I’m sort of stuck in Medan for longer than I had planned for. Being quite bored, […]


Day 295: Through the Looking Glass

Medan, Indonesia Mmm, breakfast was this Chinese rice dumpling which Indonesian called “Ki Cang.” I’m not particularly sure of its Chinese name. Basically, every fifth day of the fifth Lunar Month, during an event known as Duan Wu Festival, Chinese around the world would eat […]