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Day 232: End With a Tremor

Mendoza, Argentina – Santiago, Chile The ride from Mendoza to Santiago brought us through a scenic route across the Andean mountains. I saw earlier at the hostel that skydiving costs less than USD 200 in the area. It’s probably not a bad place to do […]

Madonna and Child

Day 231: Bike and Wine

Mendoza – Maipu – Mendoza, Argentina I didn’t expect Mendoza to have such a wide range of outdoor excursions. One can do mountain hiking to rock climbing to water rafting to skydiving. Adam, Andy af I chose to do the more relax version of an […]

Knick-knacks in the market

Day 230: This Poor Country and Its Inadequate Napkins

Mendoza, Argentina On my ride to Mendoza, I met two Americans, Andy and Adam. Long story short, we spent the day walking around town in the morning, hiking up a hill in the afternoon then bar hopping in the evening. Andy is the joker of […]


Day 229: A Little Letting Go

Buenos Aires – Mendoza, Argentina I first met Magui in our Colca Canyon trip in Peru. A native Buenos Aires-ian, Magui is cool, easygoing and share similar interests. Since it’s my last day in town, we agreed to grab lunch together. Magui decided to invite me […]

Football and Tango

Day 228: Football & Tango

Buenos Aires, Argentina The historical area of La Boca in Buenos Aires is definitely worth a visit. The place oozes the Argentinian spirit of football and tango. I found the colourful building and the unique art style a feast for my eyes. The typographic work […]

Tree, flowers and bird

Day 227: In Ghostlike Fading

Buenos Aires, Argentina – Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay – Buenos Aires, Argentina One of the top things tourists do in Buenos Aires is to take day trip to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay. With the fast ferry, Colonia is only an hour away. Cheaper ride […]

Argentinian BBQ

Day 226: Follow the Cow

Buenos Aires, Argentina Argentina is famous for its meat BBQ “Parilla” and I had yet to properly try it. Joe, my Argentinian dorm mate in Cusco, invited me to go to a dinner buffet. We met up in this restaurant called “Siga La Vaca.” It […]

Heading back to Buenos Aires

Day 225: When Time Travel Goes Wrong

Puerto Iguazu – Buenos Aires, Argentina I was gonna go back to Iguazu Falls park again today but Celeste and three of our dorm mates went out partying till morning. I was gonna join but slept through the night like a log. The weather was […]

Iguazu Falls

Day 224: Bucket Load of Water

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina I arrived in Puerto Iguazu town at 9:30 in the morning and got into my hostel soon after. I couldn’t check in into my dorm room until 2 in the afternoon so I was forced to use the hostel bar’s restroom to […]

A butterfly flaps its wings

Day 223: The Butterfly Effect

Buenos Aires – Puerto Iguazu, Chile A few entries ago, I talked about travel hacking the Argentinian domestic flights. I was so tempted to give it a go for my trip to and fro Buenos Aires – Puerto Iguazu. Taking the 18 hour bus ride […]

Tired soul

Day 222: Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost Ghosts

Buenos Aires, Argentina Recoleta Cemetery is a city of the dead. But if it’s any consolation for the dead here, at least they will never ever be lonely or  be forgotten. The good sum of money that they had paid to secure their resting spots […]

Everybody hates tourists

Day 221: Everybody Hates Tourists

Buenos Aires, Argentina I woke up from a surprisingly dreamless sleep in Paula’s teenage daughter, Malen’s room. I thought with all the posters of Justin Bieber, I would either have a super sweet dream or a nightmare. After breakfast, I did the morning free walking […]