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View of Frutillar from the German Museum

Day 207: Strangeness and Charm

Puerto Montt – Puerto Varas – Frutillar – Puerto Montt, Chile Chile can be weird. La Serena has the Japanese Garden and the Lake District has the German towns. By the way, it’s late and I’m tired so I’m gonna rush through the entry of […]

Cross in the field

Day 206: Salmon, Berries and Psychoville

Puerto Montt – Isla Tenglo – Puerto Montt, Chile Got in Puerto Montt early morning and took a cab to my CS host’s house. Lorenzo had agreed to take me in for the three nights that I’d be spending in the area. Lorenzo turned out […]

Santiago's travelling floral ladies

Day 205: Ladies of the Flower

Santiago – Puerto Montt, Chile My bus to Puerto Montt wasn’t going to be until late in the afternoon. Technically I had time to go round town during the day. However, the thought of carrying my giant backpack around deterred me. I chose to just […]

Santiago at night

Day 204: Y Hoy, Por Que No?

Santiago, Chile Slow relaxing day visiting a park, a coffeeshop, a library and a supermarket with Eddie. We cooked broccoli and pork for dinner. On the top floor of Eddie’s apartment is a swimming pool and an incredible view of Santiago during sunset. I spent […]

La Serena

Day 203: A Weak Link

La Serena – Santiago, Chile It’s a big blur of a day. Can’t even remember what I did in the morning. But I caught an afternoon bus ride arriving at night in Santiago. Here’s a couple attempted photographs. They’re weak: Eddie from Couchsurfing was kind […]

Lost in Kyoto

Day 202: Lost in Kyoto

La Serena, Chile – Kyoto, Japan I got fed up with South America and made an impulsive decision to just fly straight to Japan. I flew from La Serena to Santiago then directly to Kyoto. Japan is everything I had imagined; with its Zen garden […]

La Serena's products

Day 201: I Only Took My Chance Once

Vina del Mar – La Serena, Chile I was warned a week ago by a girl from the hostel in Santiago that it’d be best to book dorm room in La Serena in advance. I didn’t heed the advice and realized after a bit of […]

House in an angle

Day 200: Napping with Cats

Vina del Mar – Valparaiso – Vina del Mar, Chile Valparaiso, a neighbouring town of Vina, is actually the more famous one between the two. Besides being the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, Valparaiso boasted a massive collection of graffiti art. Perched on multiple hills, Valparaiso’s […]

Fisherman in Renaca

Day 199: Kamikaze Seagull Plane

Vina del Mar, Chile Antonella had to leave Vina del Mar for Santiago today. After lunch, we said our goodbyes to her. Bruno and I then went about checking out the town. Bruno had never set foot in the Pacific Ocean in his life so […]

Hitchhiking on Ruta 68 km 0

Day 198: Ruta 68

Santiago – Vina del Mar, Chile Sometimes I questioned my own logic. So, the bus from Santiago to Vina del Mar only costs $8. Yet, I chose to take the metro and walk to meet up with Bruno at his CS host’s apartment. Then we […]

Santiago during sunset

Day 197: Coca Cola Chicken

Santiago, Chile I woke up at 10:30 this morning. It’s probably the latest I ever woke up since I got to South America. Got my internet fix before I decided to head out. Eddie didn’t get back from his party until 5:30am so he was […]

This dog crashed our picnic

Day 196: What’s Your Game?

Santiago, Chile Ever since I embarked on my trip this time around to South America, I hadn’t done any couchsurfing at all. Not sure why. When I logged into the Couchsurfing site a couple of days ago, I found out about a picnic that local […]