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Taking photo of people taking photo

Day 166: Beat And the Pulse

Guayaquil, Ecuador – Lima, Peru Today’s finally the day for the 2nd segment (out of 16) of our round-the-world trip flights. We’re flying out of Guayaquil, leaving Ecuador, for Lima, Peru. Our plan was to stay in a hostel in downtown Lima, but our taxi […]


Day 165: Sleeping in Airport

Santa Cruz – Baltra – Guayaquil, Ecuador So a while back I mentioned about the website Sleeping in Airports in my blog entry. Today, I decided to give it a try. Reason being: 1. Guayaquil’s airport got a pretty good rating 2. Save the hassle […]

Charles Darwin's mural in Santa Cruz

Day 164: Darwin’s Galapagos

San Cristobal – Santa Cruz, Ecuador We had to go back to the main island Santa Cruz again due to the fact that we need to travel to Baltra island tomorrow to catch our flight back to the mainland. Even though we had been in […]

Snobby sea lion

Day 163: Mister Snob

San Cristobal, Ecuador I say, sea lions own San Cristobal. They take over the beach, the lighthouse, and even the benches in town. And all they do is sleep, play and burp. I always tell people that if reincarnation exists, I’ll want to be the […]

Mean faced turtle

Day 162: Life in Gordon’s Rock

Santa Cruz – Gordon Rocks – Santa Cruz – San Cristobal, Ecuador I was due to arrive at the dive center at 5:25 in the morning. I’m used to the early diving schedules, but this is curiously early. It’s still pitch dark outside. Only later […]

Money shot?

Day 161: To the Dead Surfer

Isabella – Santa Cruz, Ecuador Cloudy morning with drizzling rain… spent it lazily walking along the long sandy beach and making occasional turns into the dirt roads to check out where they led to. Yesterday, we saw a procession along the beach; a funeral. Today, […]

Hiking the Volcano in Isabella

Day 160: Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars

Isabella, Ecuador Isabella Island is one of the younger islands of Galapagos. It has 5 active volcanoes throughout the island. The biggest one is Sierra Negra, which last erupted in 2005. Today, we joined a tour that will bring us to the base of the […]

A shack by the beach

Day 159: Tanlines

Santa Cruz – Isabella, Ecuador Bright and early at 7am, Richard and I boarded the ferry that took us from Puerto Ayora in Santa Cruz island to Puerto Villamil in Isabella island. Puerto Villamil is a lot less commercialized like Puerto Ayora. Everything is more […]


Day 158: Coastal Grooves

Santa Cruz – Floreana – Santa Cruz, Ecuador I’m too tired to write today. Basically, I took a day trip to Floreana Island. Got loads of photos and videos to make up for the lack of storytelling:

Santa Cruz from above

Day 157: Survival of the Richest

Guayaquil – Baltra – Santa Cruz, Ecuador Armed with Michel’s Galapagos cheat sheet, we boarded the flight to Galapagos. As he had told me beforehand, foreigners need to buy Galapagos “visa” of $10. Also, upon landing there, we need to pay the park entrance fee […]

Honey Bunny

Day 156: Honey Bunny

Puerto Lopez – Guayaquil, Ecuador Mmm, before heading to the bus station to catch a ride back to Guayaquil, Richard and I had a big breakfast. We ordered the same dish that we had and liked a few days ago. It was kinda like a […]

Fruit vendor

Day 155: All of a Sudden, I Miss Everyone

Puerto Lopez – Isla de la Plata – Puerto Lopez, Ecuador Last day of diving today. It was a long long day. I started at 8:30 in the morning and wasn’t back at my hostel at 7:30 in the evening. On our 3rd and last […]