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Day 284: Gone Are the Vegemite Days

Christchurch, New Zealand – Sydney, Australia – Jakarta, Indonesia My alarm set off at 4am. I packed my sleeping bag and went to check in for my flight to Sydney. By 8am Australian time, I was at Sydney airport, with 5 hours to kill before […]

Bondi Beach

Day 239: Three Words: Fried-Mars-Bar… ‘Nuff Said

Sydney, Australia  Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the Bondi Beach :] Crowded? Yes White sand? Yes Blue sea? Yes In Sydney? Yes I really have no clue why Australians are so gung-ho about going to Bali, Indonesia. The beaches are nowhere as clean. Furthermore, […]

The three sisters

Day 238: Surfing at Non-Couchsurfers’

Sydney – Blue Mountain – Jenolan – Sydney, Australia Stephen and Christine picked me up at Aunt Lily’s place early in the morning. They had planned the day for me: visiting Blue Mountain and Jenolan Cave. I also had my bag packed ready to relocate […]


Day 237: Caught Me Thinking

Sydney, Australia Manly is a suburb with hidden beaches and luxurious seafront houses in the northern part of Sydney. It’s only 20 minutes ferry ride away from Sydney’s main dock. I saw on my “Free Things to Do in Sydney” brochure that there’s a nice […]

Luna Park

Day 236: Fast Forward 15 Years

Sydney, Australia Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney reopened for the first time today after its long renovation. I got a chance to see some really spectacular pieces. I usually find a lot of modern art boring or pretentious. This museum, however, showcases a few […]

Sydney's Opera House

Day 235: Day 1 in the New Continent

Sydney, Australia Holy shit, transports are expensive here in Australia! I missed Peru and Bolivia already. I didn’t leave Aunt Lili’s house until almost 4 in the afternoon when my laundry finally dried off. But by then, I was already fighting major headache and drowsiness […]

Crossing over the Pacific

Day 234: Trans-Pacific

Santiago, Chile –  Sydney, Australia I don’t get it… I have not the slightest problem sleeping on buses. In fact, I have problem keeping awake and be productive on bus rides. But on planes, I can’t sleep for more than half an hour. My guess […]

Vegetarian Meal

Day 233: Ciao ciao!

Santiago, Chile – Sydney, Australia Finally, after three months, six countries, numerous friendly faces, and countless hours of bus rides, I had to leave South America. Even though I was sad to leave the continent, I knew one day I’d return. So much more to […]