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Day 452: Day of the Dead

Vienna, Austria

It’s Halloween. I didn’t have anything in mind to celebrate. Was just going to hop on a bus and move on to Bratislava and see what’s up there.

Xin had said I could join him to his friend’s Halloween party. I thought it’d be fun even though dressing up for Halloween isn’t my cup of tea. Nevertheless I should be less rigid and break out of my old shell like I’d done plenty during this trip.

After having lunch at Deewan; an awesome Pakistani restaurant where it caters all you can eat buffet and pay as you wish price; Xin and I stopped by a supermarket and second hand shop. We returned to his apartment with the kit and the attired we needed for our parts.

I chose to keep it stupid simple. Got myself some face paint and did a “Day of the Dead” make up on my face. From the second hand shop, I had bought a lab technician/doctor/butcher type of a smelly white coat for an euro. Done and done.

Xin wanted to dress as an Existentialist: with a black turtleneck, a pair spectacles, a book and a wine glass. It was not a success. It was too vague and hardly anybody could guess his part.

In any case, both of us had fun at a small private party in a local university.

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  1. Posted 24 Nov at 4:51 am | Permalink

    Nice make-up Elys! Glad you had fun and are back in the realm of the living. LOL

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