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Day 454: Another Tomorrow

Bratislava, Slovakia

So I survived the night in a hostel in Bratislava in one piece. Haha, really, there’s nothing remotely scary about Bratislava. I slept like a baby catching up on the lack of sleep during the Halloween night.

Some history I learnt from a walking tour:

The Slovak Republic came about from its break up with the current Czech Republic. The two countries used to be Czechoslovakia. It was in 1989 when communism ended in Czechoslovakia and soon after in 1992, it divided into two. The rather peaceful transition of the county into a Republic was through an event known as the Velvet Revolution. Its separation into two countries is then known as the Velvet Divorce. Everything’s been fine and dandy since.

Some photos of Bratislava after a full day of walking around town:

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