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Moments Without Gravity

Day 411: Space is Brilliant

Mumbai, India – Amman, Jordan Amman is fresh! All the buildings are monotone in colour. Dulux and Benjamin Moore would go bankrupt if other cities in the world were like Amman. I tagged along with a French girl and a Syrian guy from my hostel […]

Horn Please

Day 395: Horn Please

Pushkar – New Delhi, India Entry written by Anneleen: The return to Delhi wasn’t really easy. There was a lot of traffic on the road and suddenly the traffic was completely stuck. Because Raju turned the engine of, it got really hot in the car. The […]


Day 394: Holy Rats!

Bikaner – Pushkar, India Entry written by Anneleen: On our way from Bikaner to Pushkar, we visited the Rat Temple. Tine, who is normally really afraid of rats, was really brave and entered the Rat Temple on bare feet with us. Everywhere we looked there were rats, […]

Camel and Crows

Day 393: Some People Ride the Wave

Khuri – Bikaner, India Entry written by Anneleen: In the morning there was a beautiful sunrise in the desert. When we got back to the village we got a really good breakfast. We proceeded to Bikaner. Normally we would go back to Jodhpur, but Raju wanted to […]

Camel man

Day 392: That Thar Desert

Jaisalmer – Khuri, India Entry written by Anneleen: This was the first morning we could sleep till 10 a.m! We left Jaisalmer really late to go to Khuri because of the heat. Anneleen tried to change the broken shoes she bought the other day, but she didn’t […]

Boy with mascara

Day 391: Dark Eyed Boy

Jodhpur – Jaisalmer, India Entry written by Anneleen: The 31th of august we arrived in Jaisalmer, the golden city. It was the most beautiful city we’ve visited and it was really hot! Upto 40 degrees! The houses looked like they were built with sand and the details […]

Colourful Ladies

Day 390: Blue City Grey Sky

Jaipur – Jodhpur, India Entry written by Anneleen: The fourth day of our trip we proceeded to Jodhpur, the blue city. When we arrived there we couldn’t reach our hostel because of a flood. In the afternoon we took a tuctuc to the Mehrangarh Fort. We got […]

Hawa Mahal

Day 389: Elephant and Castle

Jaipur, India Entry written by Anneleen: The next day we got op really early in the morning to go to the Amber Fort for an elephant ride. The animals were huge and riding it was really bumpy, but overall it was a really nice experience. When we […]

Snake charmer

Day 388: Tourist Charmers

Agra – Jaipur, India Entry written by Anneleen: Tuesday we proceeded to Fatehpur Sikri. This city was abandoned in 1585, when there wasn’t enough drinking water for the inhabitants. When we arrived, it was raining cats and dogs. We got a guided tour from a monk in […]

Taj Mahal

Day 387: Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

New Delhi – Agra, India Entry written by Anneleen: Monday the 27th of August we left really early in the morning with our driver Raju for a few hours driving to Agra. When we arrived in Agra we first visited the Taj Mahal, the famous […]