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Big Fish Small Fish

Day 35: Big Fish Small Fish

Vela Luka, Croatia I woke up with a sore throat and aching body today. I considered really hard if I ought to ask Bobby to not have me lead dives in the afternoon. I decided not to even bother to ask since I knew we […]


Day 34: “Very Professional”

Vela Luka, Croatia Today went by fairly similar to yesterday, only it went a lot smoother. Again, I led two dives in the afternoon with another group of Polish divers. The guy who had nosebleed and seasickness was on my group. At first, I was […]


Day 33: Meet Hercules

Vela Luka, Croatia Bobby had listed out my task for the next three days on the schedule board and it looked daunting!! I arrived today at the dive center at 6:45 and immediately started loading Hercules with 30 tanks and other boat equipment. Overall, to […]

Boat and Roses

Day 32: I’m on a Boat

Vela Luka, Croatia The first part of my day was spending time on our new boat “Hercules” giving its side tubings a wash, sanding, and new coat of paint. The sun was glaring and it was pretty much a 30 degree celcius day and I […]

Pasta Sauce?

Day 31: Forever Delayed

Vela Luka, Croatia Bobby decided to give me a day off today. I was really looking forward to it since I had not the time to do the necessary things. I spent the day cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom in the staff house. Their […]

Getting Ready to Descend

Day 30: Ready for the Descent

Vela Luka, Croatia I had to give dive leading another two tries today. It was with the same group of divers minus Dov because he’s going back to Israel. I had never been to the two sites. They’re called “Monk Seal Bay” and “Vranine.” Adam, […]

The Cathedral in the Blue Hole

Day 29: The Blue Hole

Vela Luka, Croatia I had two dives today with guest diver Ton, Eric and Dov. Billy was the dive guide and I was to observe him dive leading. The first site that we dived at was called Blue Hole. It’s a really really beautiful site. […]

Observing Andy Teaching OWC

Day 28: 28 Days Later :)

Vela Luka, Croatia Finally! I’ve been waiting all this time to hit my 28th day so I can use the title “28 Days Later.” Hehe, what a geek! Today seems to be an ideal day to do a blog entry and a temperature check on […]

Blue Nudibranch

Day 27: Nudibranch

Vela Luka, Croatia Today was another full day which included shadowing Andy during his teaching of Open Water Course. It was quite painful as I was in the cold water for close to 6 hours and the 15-hour that I pulled the day before made […]

Scorpion Fish?

Day 26: First Night Dive

Vela Luka, Croatia I had a 15-hour workday, which went somewhat like this: arrived at the dive center at 7:30am brought the chairs, tables, benches, buckets to the outside of the dive center helped with loading the boat equipments get suited up helped loading the […]

I'm Okay

Day 25: I’m Okay

Vela Luka, Croatia I’m fine and dandy, still alive yet barely kicking. This past week had been ridiculously busy. I finally experienced how Divemaster intern’s days are like: HECTIC! Compared to this, my old job as a designer at Music Choice was like a stroll in […]

Sean Power

Day 24: The First of the Gang to Die

Vela Luka, Croatia No, Sean didn’t die. I just want to use Morrissey’s song title as the post title :] But yeah, today was Sean’s last day. Per Andy’s suggestion, I should write a blog entry about each of the gang member. So here it […]