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Grandpa and grandson having quality time

Day 345: Chungking Express

Taipei – Taoyuan, Taiwan – Hong Kong, China One would think that I’m absolutely at ease when it comes to going to new places. This is not true. I always feel a pang of nervousness every time I move on to the next country. It’s […]


Day 344: The Only Moment We Were Alone

Taipei, Taiwan I was supposed to leave Taipei today and fly to Hong Kong. I really did not feel like it. I was getting quite comfortable. But what made me decide to postpone my departure a day more was that I had not had the […]

Buffet in Taiwan

Day 343: Heavy Is As Heavy Does

Taipei, Taiwan Mmmmm, just realized I didn’t take many photos for the day. Only of these from my lunch: And this, when Juila and Rick visited me: I got awesome gifts from them for my trip. Super useful too. Julia gave me a big tube […]

Caution Banana

Day 342: Christina’s 台灣

Taipei, Taiwan I spent today with my cousin, Christina and I got her to guest-write this entry for me: Elys and I had not met each other for many years. I was so happy and excited that I could meet Elys in Taipei. We had […]

Mama and Wawa

Day 341: Mellow Yellow Mango Dream

Taipei, Taiwan Taiwan has shaved ice shop all over, but Ice Monster is THE place to get the shaved ice mango slushy. Why? Cos it’s soooooooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooooo good…. apparently… I did not get to try it It’s 11pm on a Thursday and the line was […]


Day 340: I’m a Food Digger

Taipei – Jinguashi – Jiufeng – Houtong – Keelung – Taipei, Taiwan Jinguashi is an old mining town. For a long time, it was left undeveloped. Nowadays, it’s a famous day-trip destination due to its proximity to Taipei and to another tourist town Jiufeng. Two […]


Day 339: Tree of Life

Lalashan – Yilan – Taipei, Taiwan We started the day with a big breakfast then onto the leisurely two and a half hour hike onto the Senmu (God Woods) of Lalashan. The park boasts couple dozens of huge trees going as old as 2,800 years […]


Day 338: Shalala Lala

Taipei – Sansia – Dasi – Lalashan, Taiwan I didn’t have any plan of travelling around Taiwan at all. However, apparently, Aunt Ho’s relatives had it all planned for us to do a three-day trip in the northern part of Taiwan :] We left early […]

Black Swan

Day 337: Sightseeing Is For Tourist

Taipei, Taiwan Hehe, you’ve been warned. More food photos from lunch with Aunt Ho’s relatives: And desserts with Yuwan, a highschool classmate whom I hadn’t met for 13 years :]  

Stanley and two babies

Day 336: (。◕‿◕。)

Taipei, Taiwan World is small indeed. Two years ago when I hosted Akie in NYC, I was also hosting Shirley and Stanley at the same time. All of them were on their round-the-world trip. It’s a pleasure being able to meet them all again this […]


Day 335: Mahjong and Food

Taipei, Taiwan Lazy day :] It was raining outside and we stayed indoors having lunch at home and playing mahjong, Then it’s eating out for dinner. Life is good. Home food: Mahjong: Eating out:        

Watermelon Vendor

Day 334: Mamma Mia! (Literally Speaking)

Seoul – Incheon, Korea – Taipei, Taiwan Moving on to Taiwan today! My mum flew in from the States to meet up with me. She got in the airport at 5am and waited out for my arrival at 11am. I had not seen her for […]