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Rainy Keflavik

Day 146: Homeward Bound

Amsterdam, the Netherlands – Kevlafik, Iceland – New York City, USA This leg of the trip came to an end. I flew home to chart out the next round of the conquest. When I fly out again, I should be flying out with the OneWorld […]

Winking Novi

Day 145: The Canals of Our City

Amsterdam, the Netherlands Super fruitful day today. I made up for yesterday’s slack by visiting all the major sights in Amsterdam and taking a bunch of photos. I joined the canal boat tour in the morning, then  followed by the Sanderman’s “New Europe” free walking […]

I told you, cultural study

Day 144: Elys, Storm and Joost Go to Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the Netherlands With a title like that, it’s rather obvious what our day was like. Well, It started off with me going to Van Gogh museum. It’s a really well run museum. Van Gogh should be rolling in his grave for killing himself. He […]

Made me want a bike

Day 143: Country-hopping

Paris, France – Bruges, Belgium – Amsterdam, Netherlands Slow commuting day. It’s my last leg on the BusAbout. I didn’t do much; didn’t climb no sand dunes or see any Monalisas. The only thing to brag about today is: “I had breakfast in France, lunch […]

Ascending the pyramid

Day 142: Masses Against the Classes

Paris, France I had lunch with Alexis at a burger joint. No wonder the French is known for their culinary art. Even their burgers are better looking than American’s. Alexis ate his burger with fork and knife while I grabbed mine with my bare hands […]

Autumn in Paris

Day 141: Autumn in Paris

Paris, France It’s Storm’s last day in Paris before he’s heading to Utrecth in the Netherlands. We figured it might be best to try to hit up as many touristy landmarks as possible today. Paris in autumn is gorgeous. The gloomy sky didn’t bother me […]


Day 140: Écoutez! Répétez!

Beauvais – Paris, France Onto Paris! As soon as Storm and I got to our Couchsurfing host, Jing’s place in Paris, we’re out again to check out Montmartre the northern part of Paris. It so happened that there’s an annual wine festival in Montmartre. The […]

Ryan Air!

Day 139: Who the Hell is Ryan?

Marrakesh, Morocco – Beauvais, France Hoorah! We’re flying back out to Europe today. Storm and I spent the whole morning putting our haggling techniques to use. We got some mad haggle-tekkers now. I managed to get the vendors to argue amongst themselves, and ended up […]

Four dirham orange juice

Day 138: Floating Vibes

Marrakesh, Morocco I’m not sure if it’s the heat or we’re simply having enough of Morocco in general. It might have been the latter. There were plenty of excursions we could have done instead of staying in Marrakesh, but somehow we couldn’t bring ourselves to […]


Day 137: Fractal Loop

Marrakesh, Morocco So… I’m back at writing the blog entries. It sucks cos I’m getting used to having a guest writer :] After the incident from yesterday, Storm and I took it easy for the day. After breakfast in the morning and a stroll in […]

Good As New

Day 136: Chicks Dig Scars

Marrakesh, Morocco Todays agenda was to simply wander around the Medina get a bit lost and see what we can find. Once again it’s a city where everyone is trying to do business and see tourists as nothing much more than moneybags. Here they stand […]

Pure awesomeness!

Day 135: A Long Winding Road

Ouarzazate – Marrakesh, Morocco This morning the destination was decided and our bags were packed and our bus tickets were booked for Marrakesh. The ride ended up being about 6 hours but the views on the way were spectacular. Between Ouarzazate and Marrakesh was a […]