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Day 71: Five Miles into the Atmosphere

Zagreb, Croatia – Vienna, Austria – New York, USA

Kris arrived at my hostel at 5 in the morning to send me off to the airport. It was so weird to finally meet him in person after all these years. He’s definitely no stranger because we pretty know each other’s lives since the late nineties. Too bad we had to meet in the weirdest circumstances and only for a couple hours. But hey, I’ll be back in Zagreb by August and we’ll get to hang out properly along with his girlfriend, Ivana.

Today’s trip back home took me a good 13 hours but luckily I was armed with this book that Kris so thoughtfully brought me:

As for the blog, I guess it’ll be on hiatus until I get back on track next month :]

Croatian phrase of the day:

Vidimo se kasnije  = See you later


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  1. Frank Herleth
    Posted 29 Jul at 2:59 pm | Permalink

    Hi – so sorry to read that you went back to NYC. Nina and I made a really bad report on the diver net about the situation on the diver base. Hope you come to Germany one day and you will have a good time here. All the best

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