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Day 448: Piece of Cake

Ohrid, Macedonia

The weather changed throughout the night! It rained the entire day. Canada, Kiwi and I did nothing but staying in our hostel killing time on our laptops.

Just like the weather, my travel itinerary also changed. I will spare you the technicality rants on how I came to the decision, but long story short, I was due for Albania the next day, but instead, I got myself a 22-hour bus ticket heading to Vienna.

I wasn’t sure it was the smart thing to do but it felt right at that moment. Albania was gonna rain for the whole week and after the whole day rain in Ohrid, I didn’t fancy the idea of heading to more rains.

There’s this cake shop located next to a nightclub in a basement in Ohrid that the three of us had been frequenting for the past few days (the cake shop, not the nightclub, haha). It was embarrassing yet fun every time when Kiwi danced his way to the thumping bass from the nightclub into the cake shop. The ladies in the shop did find us amusing I think. We were quite an odd trio.


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