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Day 446: Free Dimensional

Ohrid, Macedonia

We thought it a better idea to relocate to a hostel the next day, in hope to bump into more travellers. There were none. I think we were the only tourists in town. At our new accommodation, the dorm sleeps 10 but we had it for ourselves.

Ohrid is a really picturesque town. It’s right by Lake Ohrid. Due to its size, the lake looks more like a sea. The water is crystal clear. Like many coastal town in the Balkan, Ohrid’s houses mostly have red roofs.

Canada, Kiwi and I (somehow we called each other by country names) spent the day checking out the town. First stop was the fortress. We climbed up the outer wall of the fortress and had a nice panoramic view of the surrounding towns, mountain and lake. It was a rather dangerous climb and walk along the wall. Kiwi pointed how it’s reckless of the Macedonian authority not to set up any safety precaution. It was only later did we realize that they did set up railings on the other part of the fortress walls; the part we’re supposed to walk on. We had wandered off too far.

Next stop was a church. While it’s pretty, the church seemed totally brand new. We snapped some photos and carried on. Arriving back to the main town square, we split ways to do our own wandering. I went for the shore. I found myself a spot on the rocks under the sun and enjoyed the warmth. Summer was over so any spots under the shades was too chilly. I got into a conversation with a local man Stefan and ended up hanging out on his friend’s boat. Got myself some Turkish coffee, Macedonian Rakija (traditional Balkan homemade wine) and a free ride on the boat during sunset.

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