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Day 88: Say “Ouistiti”!

Plitvice, Croatia

Damnit! The forces were still at work!
Sarah woke up feeling nauseous and she was a pale as a sheet. Poor thing :( She could not even eat without feeling worse. But the trooper in her insisted to still go to the Plitvice national park. After all, this site was the highlight of our Balkan trip. And we had gone through a hell lot to finally get here.

We drove to the park with the 3 French kids, Tibo, Adrian and William. And holy molly, was the place crowded! By crowded, I mean, 2-hour long wait to get on the trail. We decided to not follow the proper routes and just went about our ways trying to avoid the insanity. It worked out quite good for the most part. The views were stunning!

After lunch, Sarah opted to take it easy and rest on the grass near the entrance of the park while Tibo, Adrian, William and I went trekking all over. I honestly didn’t expect the trail to be so long. After almost 4 hours of hiking, William and I got separated from Tibo and Adrian and had to run like hell in order to catch the last ferry back to the entrance. Had we arrived at the dock 2 minutes later, we would have missed it and had to trek another hour or so to get back. Phew!

Tibo made everybody dinner that night. This kid seriously is like a swiss-army knife. He’s definitely handy to have around: he drives, he cooks, he cleans, and he also does all the money accounting. The evening was lovely, dinner was fantastic and conversation was interesting (mainly due to the house owner’s grandson, Nikola, who kept us all entertained).

By the way, the French don’t say “cheese” for the camera, they say “ouistiti.” Ouistiti is a type of monkey.

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