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Day 89: If This Hat Is Missing I Have Gone Hunting

Plitvice – Zagreb, Croatia

I got to ride with Tibo, Adrien and William in their car to Zagreb. They were kind enough to drop me off there on their way back to France. This helped me out heaps since I didn’t even know where and how to catch the bus and Sarah was heading an opposite direction with the rental car, going back to Split.

I got in Zagreb at 2pm, had lunch with the kids, went to the train station to buy my ticket to Vienna at 3pm, and by 4pm, I was in Mirta’s car with her friends going to a mall to shop for a wedding dress. At 7pm, I was helping carrying a German girl’s disassembled bicycle parts. Strange day.

This trip did get weirder and weirder. So much improvisation. I learnt not to plan too much and not to be too concerned if things doesn’t work out. Going with the flow seems to be the key :]

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