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Day 87: Cause for Alarm

Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina – Split, Croatia – Plitvice, Croatia

Sooooo, some weird forces seemed to not want us to visit Plitvice. But against all odds, Sarah and I somehow made it there, but not without insane twists and turns.

First at all, we couldn’t find any accommodation for two online. So the day before in our Mostar’s hostel, we agreed with 3 French kids before they left for Sarajevo that we’d all book a house that fits the 5 of us and we’d meet there. It was somewhat a leap of faith as they could easily not show up and we would have to pay up for the entire house.

The day started with the bus ride from Mostar to Split in Croatia. The supposed 2.5-hour ride was actually taking 5 hours.

We got to Split at 4pm only to find out the next bus won’t leave until 11pm and then it’s another 4 hours to reach Plitvice. After weighing our options, Sarah and I came to the decision of renting a car. We did that and it was a fun ride. Sarah enjoyed driving stick shift. I enjoyed the air conditioning and we both enjoyed the Croatian radio and our Balkan’s favourite snack “Chipsy.”

All was well until half an hour to our destination we were stopped by the police and got a $100 speeding ticket!

Finally, when we arrived at Plitvice, we found out that the 3 French kids were already there. It was a relief. Getting into our rooms, I told Sarah that all worked out well. Sarah jokingly said “Not until we do our bed bug check.” Alas!!! I guess i spoke too soon! She was right. We actually did find a dead bed bug and some bed bug symptoms on our mattresses! What a bummer. We told the owner about this, she was freaking out as well and kept apologizing and then moved the 5 of us to a new house.

That night, none of us had a perfectly sound sleep I think. And the optimist part of me told Sarah “Hey, at last the day is over. We’ll sleep and tomorrow will be brilliant.”

To be continued….


  1. Richard
    Posted 22 Aug at 8:16 am | Permalink

    Good on the bed bug check.

    Nice interior in the ride.

  2. sarah
    Posted 24 Jul at 8:10 pm | Permalink

    mmmmmmmmm, chipsy……….

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