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View At the Dock

Day 68: Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Vela Luka, Croatia So my suspicion was correct! The bloody apartment had bed bugs I thought I noticed some weird bumps and then today I saw two bed bugs crawling around. I got mauled all over my arms, legs, neck and face over the past […]


Day 67: Gameplanning

Vela Luka, Croatia I planned to send a package home today from the post office. I had with me some diving manuals, wetsuit and diveskin that I won’t be needing anymore. I decided to also rid myself off the Pacsafe Wire Mesh 85L that I […]

Perched Up on a Hill

Day 66: Another Rider Up in Flames

Vela Luka, Croatia I didn’t go in to the dive center today. I spent the morning with Adam and David at Nautica Restaurant drinking coffee and Karlovacko while using the internet. I wrote Marjolein that I quit the internship and explaining the situation. I even […]


Day 65: Leave No Stone Unturned

Vela Luka, Croatia I woke up today knowing that it’d be Adam’s last day at the dive center but had no clue it would also be mine. The weather was a bit gloomy today. I had to lead dives in the morning with a team […]

David and Bird Poo on His Face

Day 64: Oh No, Oh My!

Vela Luka, Croatia Today was a weird day. I was on boat duty in the morning and then I went back to the staff house during lunch time to eat. Mikey and David walked in. I thought they were also both on lunch break but […]


Day 63: Tellin’ Stories

Vela Luka – Blato – Prizba – Brna – Smokvica – Zavalatica – Cara – Pupnat – Korcula, Croatia David also had a day off today so he and I rented a scooter and off we went to check out the island. We took the […]

Early Grasshopper

Day 62: Truth About Robots

Vela Luka, Croatia As I had written, I talked to Bobby a few days ago regarding my desire to quit the internship and just paid for the last month that I’d owe him. The work here had been hard but I thought it paid off. […]

Other Side of Vela Luka

Day 61: Shipbuilding

Vela Luka, Croatia Storm and I had a day off today. Originally we decided to rent a scooter and go cruising the island. However, we ended up sleeping in then do our knowledge review homework since we’re  never able to get around to it on […]


Day 60: Octopus’s Garden

Vela Luka, Croatia So we got ourselves octopus from the market for BBQ tonight! None of us had ever prepared octopuses (octopi?) before but hey, one can pretty much google anything these days. Andy did a bit of research and ended up preparing the sauce […]

Not Sure Who They Were.... But I Kept Hearing the Name Francesca

Day 59: Row Row Row the Boat

Vela Luka, Croatia A bunch of things happened today making it an easy blog entry day. I had my normal dive leading in the morning and then my navigation specialty course with Storm and David in the afternoon. To practice using the compass, Billy had […]

Hey hey!

Day 58: Puta Que Pario!

Vela Luka, Croatia I think I hit my boiling point today. I had been super low energy-wise the past few days since I had been coming down with a cold. Sore throat, stuffy nose and whatnot. The 16-hour day yesterday took a toll as well. […]


Day 57: My Hovercraft Is Full of Eels

Vela Luka, Croatia Today was definitely not my day. I was at the dive center from 7am till 11pm and things did not go too smoothly either. I had to guide two dives in the morning. On the first dive, one of my divers shot […]