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Poor horses :\

Day 90: Wolfgang Amadeus

Zagreb, Croatia – Vienna, Austria On the move again! Early morning train to Vienna, Austria. Arrived late in the afternoon and met two fellow Americans, Amelia and Taylor, with whom I shared the same room at Wombat Hostel. This hostel is by far the cleanest, […]

Fab twins!

Day 89: If This Hat Is Missing I Have Gone Hunting

Plitvice – Zagreb, Croatia I got to ride with Tibo, Adrien and William in their car to Zagreb. They were kind enough to drop me off there on their way back to France. This helped me out heaps since I didn’t even know where and […]

Here fishy fishy fishy

Day 88: Say “Ouistiti”!

Plitvice, Croatia Damnit! The forces were still at work! Sarah woke up feeling nauseous and she was a pale as a sheet. Poor thing She could not even eat without feeling worse. But the trooper in her insisted to still go to the Plitvice national […]

Heading towards the sun

Day 87: Cause for Alarm

Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina – Split, Croatia – Plitvice, Croatia Sooooo, some weird forces seemed to not want us to visit Plitvice. But against all odds, Sarah and I somehow made it there, but not without insane twists and turns. First at all, we couldn’t find any […]

Dervish Monastery

Day 86: Open Sesame

Mostar – Blagaj – Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina After our awesome Bosnian breakfast of fried dough called “Peksimeti” made by Mama, Bata suggested that we paid Blagaj a visit. The town has a holy house by the cliff and the opening of a cave where water flows […]

Stari Most

Day 85: In Love with the View

Sarajevo – Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina The plan was to only stop by Mostar for a half day and continue to Split, Croatia. But we heard loads of good things about Mostar. Our expectation was high and Mostar didn’t disappoint. As soon as we were brought to […]

Ice cream kid

Day 84: Welcome to Sarajevo

Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina Sarajevo isn’t a city easy to get around with public transportation. Sarah and I decided to join the tour offered by our hostel. At $20 bucks, it’s definitely worth it since we were able to visit all the major sites in one day. […]

Doggie and his kennel :D

Day 83: Snooping Doggy Dog

Belgrade, Serbia – Sarajevo, Bosnia Bosnian’s landscape was surprisingly beautiful. Its hilly and mountain scene reminded me somewhat of the Alpine. En route to Sarajevo, we had a short lunch stop at a restaurant. Sarah and I bumped into two guys carrying what we later […]

Enjoy Coca Cola!

Day 82: Enjoy Coca Cola

Belgrade, Serbia Since I hate writing, I figure I can do guest entries. Sarah agreed to be the first. We went to visit this church. giant and beautiful and under construction. It has a mini-version right next to it. the top picture is the big […]

Sarah on the torpedo

Day 81: Sarah’s Here!

Belgrade, Serbia Sarah’s making it to Belgrade today from Italy! I killed time in the morning walking round town before going to the railway station to meet up with her.  Once she’s all settled in, we went to check out Nikola Tesla’s museum. The only […]

View of Serbian landscape from the train

Day 80: Around the World in 80 Days (Not!)

Budapest, Hungary – Belgrade, Serbia Caught the early morning train heading to Belgrade. The train ride was much nicer than the one from Zagreb to Budapest. There’s air conditioning and the view was awesome. I sat across from two British kids who entertained me by […]

Margit island's peacock

Day 79: Home Away From Home

Budapest, Hungary I was looking forward to visit House of Terror today but apparently it’s closed on Monday The museum houses exhibits related to the Fascist and Communist regimes in Hungary during the 20th century. It was the base of the secret police and was […]