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Day 302: Indonesia at Km. 0

Pulau Weh, Indonesia

There are plenty of famous dive sites in Indonesia and Pulau Weh is one of them, albeit it’s considerably less known compared to other sties like Bunaken in Sulawesi, Derawan in Kalimantan, Raja Ampat in Papua, etc. The reason I chose to go to Pulau Weh was due to its proximity to Medan. Also, for the trip to island, Merry and her friends Judy, Jerry and Erin had decided to join me and they had dived Bunaken before.

Again, I managed to talk Judy, Jerry and Erin to guest-write on my blog. I think I should start having my travel partner write more, for I’m starting to lose interest, patience and the discipline to keep up with the blog.

Judy’s writing:

The first day on Pulau Weh, Elys became the Weh Idol and the center of attention. Right after we got off the boat we were surrounded by the local transporters (Indonesian translation: abang-abang Pulau Weh) offering ‘indecent’ transport from the port to Lumba-Lumba dive center. I negotiated the price with one of them and he agreed. Unfortunately, there is a local agreement that no negotiated price for foreigners and foreigners have to follow queue line. We tried to convince them that we are all local. They thought Elys is Japanese, therefore for approximately 5 minutes the situation went crazy. 6 to 8 guys were arguing to take us on their ride. There was also a time when one guy asking for Elys ID to prove that she is not a foreigner hahahaha… Luckily we arrived safely at the dive center.

Jerry’s writing:

Hi all , This is Jerry writing for Elys …..

Riding a motor bike is something I haven’t done in a long time, not because I dont like it but because living in jakarta makes people who can afford car for daily commuting would avoid riding a motor bike. This time , in pulau weh , riding a motor bike was a whole different experiences. It was fun and I enjoyed it very much. Since the only person who can ride motor bike among us ( me , Judy , Elys and Merry) was me and Judy , we decided to rent 2 motor bikes. So we started circling pulau weh with riding formation as follow : Elys with me and Judy with Merry. First place we visited was the zero point of indonesia (KM. 0.0) there was a small monument built by indonesian government where inside it, it was written that by thy help of GPS technology it’s confirmed that the place we stand was definitely “ the zero point of indonesia”. We took a lot pictures around the monument , however the best picture were taken at a very dangerous place outside the the monument complex. We stand on a very big stone which was apparently on the edge of very high hill above the Indian ocean. Aside from the risky place we were standing , it’s surely pleased our eyes with beautiful view of indian ocean. As I said above , riding a motor bike in pulau weh was fun because while riding we could enjoy beautiful landscape of beaches , seas and mountains of pulau weh. We made a few stops along the way to the next destination to take a few pictures. According to our plan , the next destination was a waterfall which was located around 2 kilometers from the main street, unfortunately after walking for around 30 minutes , we couldn’t manage to get to the waterfall due to street’s condition which was difficult to walk on . Even though we really enjoyed the 30 minutes walking that involved jumping from one big rock to other ones in order to avoid being fall into the river. Eventually we managed to get back to our motor bike and start to riding it to find the nearest restaurant as soon as possible. When we left for the restaurant it was almost one o’clock and of course we were so hungry , accidentally, I guessed it’s either judy or merry spotted a sign of seafood restaurant while we riding looking for a restaurant. As far as I could remember, all the food were delicious , we ate them all and nothing left behind :)

The last place we visited was Sumur Tiga beach , we were amazed , the beach was beautiful , the sand , the clean water and the weather that day are so tempting to us for jumping into the water. Elys was the only one who brought equipments for playing in the beach, she really made the most of it :). Then we hit the beach cafe to enjoy the beach for the rest of the lovely afternoon and waiting for Erin to come.

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