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Day 301: City of Strangers, Alien and Bleak

Medan – Banda Aceh – Pulau Weh, Indonesia

I finally left Medan for Pulau Weh to do some diving. The two weeks in Medan was the longest I’d ever stayed put in one place since the beginning of the year. I was itching to be on the road again. especially when Medan no longer felt like home for me. People moved on. Life moved on. Although a lot of things and people remain, it’s no longer and will never ever be like when I left it.

I recently read a poem titled “Return to Cardiff” by a Welsh poet Dannie Abse on his hometown and it rather sums up what I felt:

Unable to define anything I can hardly speak,
And I still love the place for what I wanted it to be
as much as for what it unashamedly is
now for me, a city of strangers, alien and bleak.
No sooner than I arrived the other Cardiff had gone,
smoke in the memory, these but tinned resemblance,
where the boy I was not and the man I was not
met, hesitated, left double footsteps, then walked on.

Note: The featured photo is of my old home. No longer mine, it’s now resided by my dad’s new family :(

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  1. Efendy
    Posted 4 Jun at 1:14 pm | Permalink

    Good to hear you are back on track. It was sure bringing out a lot of good old memories meeting you back here. Time really does fly fast. Next thing we know, Sara is meeting you in the states for her study bringing her kitty bear hehe Hopefully you will have fun in next destinations :)

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