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Day 160: Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars

Isabella, Ecuador

Isabella Island is one of the younger islands of Galapagos. It has 5 active volcanoes throughout the island. The biggest one is Sierra Negra, which last erupted in 2005.

Today, we joined a tour that will bring us to the base of the mountain. From there on, we hiked miles up to the enormous crater of Sierra Negra and Volcan Chico. The hike wasn’t easy but the it was rewarding.

It felt strange walking on the volcanic rocks. Every step made crackling sound due to the nature of the rocks. They’re empty inside and they’re extremely light. The view rather reminds me Southern Morocco; rather moon-like.

After the 10 miles hike, I was surprised I still had the energy to go snorkle. I could hardly feel my legs at night but I did force myself to walk to town to get some juice. The whole time walking, I was looking upward. The sky was really clear that night. Stars were abundant. I tried taking photos of them but none came out good. I guess I still haven’t figure out how to take star photos.

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