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Day 159: Tanlines

Santa Cruz – Isabella, Ecuador

Bright and early at 7am, Richard and I boarded the ferry that took us from Puerto Ayora in Santa Cruz island to Puerto Villamil in Isabella island.

Puerto Villamil is a lot less commercialized like Puerto Ayora. Everything is more laid back here. And the view in front of our hostel is breathtaking. Sandy beach stretching all the way to a lighthouse. Hardly anybody on the beach as well except for some pelicans. No marine life in the water too. The waves are strong. It’s a good spot for surfing. Too bad I know not how.

In the afternoon, we went snorkeling in a lagoon. It’s like natural swimming pool but with sea water and lava rock formation and mangrove. I sneaked up on a baby sea lion in the swampy part of the mangrove. It was gross but I guess I got to touch it. Hmm… wait, to be clear, it touched me. (It’s prohibited to touch the wild life here).

Here are some videos of a sea turtle, fish, and a sea lion:

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