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Day 113: Vintage Future

Sant Boi – Barcelona – Sant Boi, Spain

Pedro and Marta spent their precious day off showing me around Barcelona.

It so happened that today was Catalan national holiday. Catalunya is one of the seventeen autonomous communities in the Kingdom of Spain, which its capital in Barcelona. So throughout the day, we could see both traditional and nationalistic atmosphere filling the neighborhood of Barcelona.

Pedro and Marta brought me to a lot of landmarks in the city. Most of them are famous building from the Modernist movement from early last century. The Modernist building are insane looking. They’re organic looking and they follow no conventional style. Of all the incredible architecture in Europe, I find these Modernist buildings most beautiful. You don’t see these elsewhere.

Other highlights of the day is the Tapas lunch, the visit to 4Cats bar, and the interactive exhibition at Dessiny Hub Barcelona.

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