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Day 112: Ola!!!

Nice – Avignon, France – Barcelona – Sant Boi, Spain

I didn’t really “see” Avignon. However, I was physically there for 45 mins, so here:

Upon arriving in Barcelona, I took a half hour metro ride to the suburb to a town called Sant Boi. A Spanish couple from CS, Pedro and Marta, had agreed to host me! They turned out to be such a kind, warm-hearted and caring couple. I was seriously lucky to have the chance to meet and to have them as my hosts. Both of them have good taste in music (ie. similar to mine :P) And on top of that, they have a cat called Mino. What else could one ask for!

Seriously, Pedro and Marta went all the way to make me feel a home. I got to Sant Boi to find them waiting for me in front of the station. When we got to their house, Marta offered me to do laundry with the washing machine. While I was showering, they prepared dinner. While I was eating and conversing with Pedro, Marta laid out my clothing on the drying rack. I felt pampered :]

After dinner, we went to a free music concert in town. The Spanish indie acts were pretty good, with the exception of this below, which was bizarre:

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