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Day 107: Casino Royale

Nice, France – Monte Carlo, Monaco – Nice, France

Monaco was not as daunting and exclusive as I had expected it to be. Imagine, a country with 33,000 citizens. Only way to become one is to be extremely loaded. And even so, it’s not guaranteed. Michael Jackson was refused citizenship apparently. But people turned out to be quite laid back. We strolled into hotels and their beach areas with no problem whatsoever. Some of us even swam for a bit. Didn’t go in the famous Monte Carlo casino. 10 euro to go in and have to dress up. 75 euro to place a minimum bet.

Monaco probably has the classiest McDonald. It comes with an awesome awesome view.

Rachael, a Kiwi girl that was in the group, cooked us really nice dinner back at the hostel. Each of us only needed to pay 3 euros. Rachael is only 21, but she’s been working and traveling for 4 years, chef-ing her way around Australia and Europe. It’s really impressive to hear her stories. Wish I had a skill that enable me to work while traveling and wish I had known this kind of lifestyle existed when I was younger.

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