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Day 3: Onward to the Island

Dubronik – Vela Luka, Croatia

Today is the day I have to make my way from Dubrovnik to Vela Luka on the Korcula island. The day started at eight when I had the free breakfast at the hostel. I handed out my Moo cards for the first time to two Japanese girls who shared the dorm room with me. I didn’t get their information nor can I remember their names :/

The check out time for the hostel is at 10am and the bus to the island won’t depart until 3pm. The thought of having to carry the backpack with me for the 5-hour gap freaked me out a bit. Good thing I asked the hostel’s receptionist about luggage store service and he told me that there’s one in the Korcula’s main bus station. So that was my first destination for the day.

Right after the bag was stored, I headed back to the Old Town. I went to the port area to relax a bit and lo and behold, the same cat from yesterday was napping on top of the same rock! I decided to sit on a rock next to him. A couple of tourists then came by trying to snap a picture of him and kept poking him to wake him up. Poor kitty…

On the bus trip to the island, I sat next to an old local man called Augustin. We engaged in conversations throughout the trip and by the time I got to Korcula I had learnt how to count 1-10 in Croatian and I got his number in case of emergency and needed help.

Marjolein, one of the dive center’s owners, picked me up at the Vela Luka bus station. I was brought to the staff divers house to drop off my bags. The house isn’t anything fancy but it has everything one needs. I’ll be sharing this place with 7-8 other divers. Marjolein then dropped me off at a bar close by where the other divers were hanging out. There I met Billy, Adam, Andy and Sean. Nice and funny bunch, these folks. The evening ended with us shooting pool, talking shit, and arguing about space mission and its cost.

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