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Day 4: The Sun Was High, And So Was I

Vela Luka, Croatia

No, not really. I simply photoshop-ed the photo above to make it seem like I’m on this picturesque town on an Adriatic island, staying in a nice room with a view, waking up to a sunny morning.

The weather was pretty shitty today. It was cold and it rained during the evening… The town is not something to brag about either. It’s small and most of the houses are probably 400 years or older and looking like they’re going to fall apart anytime soon.

The dive staff house that I’m living in is no different. It has a door leading to a courtyard, then another door to get into the hallway of the house, where we have kitchen in a room to the right, followed by a bathroom/laundryroom. Then it’s another door, leading to yet another courtyard, which has, strangely, an outdoor bathroom. And… to get to our rooms, we have to take the outdoor staircases up a flight to two separated housings.

Anyway, to make long story short, here are some pictures below (I didn’t get to take picture of the courtyards since it’s close to midnight and it’s still raining outside.

Overall, I think the staff house is quite comfy, at least for me since being the only girl at the moment, I have the biggest room all for myself :]

I spent the whole day at the dive center shadowing another dive intern, Sean, who has been here for a month. Being a dive intern pretty much means you get to do all the things the other divers don’t want to do. But supposedly, an alumni intern, Andy, told me that it’s pretty much the same philosophy of Karate Kid’s “wax-on wax-off:”You do it so many times that it eventually becomes second nature.

My official dive internship doesn’t start until tomorrow. So today, Bobby, the owner of the dive shop, had me watch over his four year-old super friendly and super active girl, Angelina. I have never seen a kid with so much energy as this one here. Walking around barefoot most of the time, Angelina wouldn’t stop dashing left and right, climbing up and down, giving me heart attacks. A proper monkey girl, she is, and I meant that as a compliment :]

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  1. nathan kr
    Posted 1 May at 9:46 pm | Permalink

    yay ! the house looks nice :] .

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